Tradition of paying a fool to marry you

Dowry - Tradition of Paying an Idiot to Marry YouDowry – What’s the catch? Accepting the dowry indicates the fact that the fool is selling himself to you and your family FOREVER. But, what a pity! He would shamelessly pretend to be the ultimate buyer in the deal. The question is that should a beggar act like a king?

So why is it given?

Because you can cook, do dishes, wash clothes, do dusting and cleaning, take care of the family and in-laws, bear their mood swings and tantrums, pamper the balloon-sized male superego, (a lot of times) earn money and share the household expenditure as well while that fool can do nothing except throwing orders at you.


Also, it is given so that you can conceive his baby, (almost always) preferably male, safely bring the (male) child to this world, or hide your face in shame if you fail to do so (read give birth to a girl child). So, basically, the money is given so that the fool can use your womb to produce a baby of his choice. You shall not demand any right over the baby as it’s his and his family’s sole right over the newborn.


Dowry is given because in the due course of your married life, if any problem (I mean ‘any’), you are to be blamed. Whether it’s a girl child instead of a boy (even if science says that it’s the father’s genetic order that decides the child’ sex), whether it’s infertility (even in cases, it’s his inability) or just a bad day at office, the fault is yours. If you protest or try to prove your points, you will get an instant red mark on your report card of “being a good wife.” And, almost in no time, you will be tagged as responsible for the degradation of moral values in Indian society. How could you do that? Questions will be raised on your upbringing, your conscience and what not. Because you have paid an fool to marry you!

From where did this idea come up first?

So you are talking about the origin of this dowry concept? In ancient times, the family of the bride used to give her a decent security amount that could save her during crisis or, if, unfortunately, bad luck befell on her and she got widowed. Not only cash, it used to be a part of the property, jewellery or any such valuable assets. So that was the origin of this Dowry concept.

Modern fools and their classic new-age demands

Who are these modern fools? Urban upscale dude with high-paid MNC tags, lots of foreign trips’ in their pockets, an Apple iPhone in hand, and, may be, a Rado watch in the wrist. What they want? An equally educated match from a well-to-do family (of course! How else can they scheme the demands out of the in-laws?). So, it can be a little bit of financial help to backup their startup business or just a long time wish of riding a classy sedan, if not an Audi. Or, how about, gifting the newly-wed couple a Swiss honeymoon package? After all, he is doing it all for his wife (your daughter); and as a parent you are supposed to be a bit considerate.

Where is it still in practice?

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Egypt and Bosnia. Nice competitors. No?


So, tell me girls, are you ready to pay a fool to marry you? Come on, I want to hear your voice LOUDER!