Dress for job interview: what to wear?

Dress for job interview: what to wear?

Job Interview? Confused about what to wear? Hello, there friends! Here I am with another post that will help you dress elegantly for a job interview. I know, everyone of you understand the importance of dressing smartly for an interview but are often confused about what you think is smart will appeal to the interviewers or not? It’s true that the first impression is the last impression. So, let me help you with some great dressing ideas that will make you look elegant and appropriate for the industry where you are trying to get an entry to.


  1. Check the company’s culture:

Dress for job interview: what to wear?

An important thing to remember before choosing your dress for an interview is the culture of the company. Research about the daily wear of the employees already working there. Do they wear formals or semi-formals? If you find that the dressing sense is very formal, it is better to dress in a formal wear like two piece fitted suit. If you see that the work environment is less formal, you can go for a knee length dress. Indian woman can also wear a saree or a salwar kameez for a job interview but make sure the employees in the company are already wearing these. Just try to fit in the environment. Don’t wear anything that makes you feel completely out of place.


  1. Neither glitzy nor bright:


Avoid shimmery clothes with heavy embroidery. They can make you look gorgeous for a party or wedding but not for a job interview. Plain single colour outfits like white, black, navy and dark grey are good choices. For saree too, choose one in light colour. No geometrical or bold patterns on your salwar-kameez.


  1. Cotton is the best choice:


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If you do not want to experiment too much, be on the safe side with cotton. A plain cotton shirt with trouser or knee length formal skirt will look good. Cotton saree also looks elegant and it is easy to keep the drapes or pleats in place. Cotton kurti with knitted churidar can also be worn for an interview where the dress code is semi-formal.


  1. No revealing clothes:

Dress for job interview: what to wear?

Wear a well fitted suit or blouse but not a very tightly fitted one. The neckline of your shirt, blouse or dress should not be revealing. If you are planning to wear a dress, keep it knee length and you can also pair it with stockings. No fishnet stockings please. The material of your cloth should not be see-through. Make sure your innerwear is hidden.


  1. Footwear:


No stilettos or platforms for a job interview. Medium heels are suitable. They give you a good posture while walking and are not over the top for an interview. If you are not comfortable with heels, you can wear flats. Wearing flats does not mean wearing ‘Kolhapuri chappals’. Flat elegant sandals in single colour, preferably made up of leather will look nice. Match your footwear with your clothes. Don’t make yourself look like a fool by wearing a black dress with purple footwear.


  1. Accessories:


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No chunky neckpieces, dangling earrings, anklets making that ‘chham-chham’ sound, tote bag, colourful hair pins or lots of bangles covering your entire wrist. Wear lightweight jewellery for your interview. Small earring (tops) and a small chain in neck would look nice with suits and dresses. A pendant set with the pendant and earring being really very small will look nice with a saree and salwar-kameez. You can match the colour of your jewellery with your dress. It is advisable not to wear very precious jewellery for job interview. A smart wrist watch is a must. You can leave the other hand bare, if you are going to wear a suit or dress or wear a very thin simple bangle with a saree or salwar kameez. Your bag should also be not very experimenting. Go for a leather bag of medium size matching with your clothes. Don’t use colourful pins or rubber bands in your hair. Black is the best choice. If you are wearing a shirt with trouser, match the colour of your belt with your footwear. Brown belt looks funny with black footwear. Doesn’t it?


  1. Makeup:

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Keep the makeup minimal. A light neutral shade of lipstick, a coat of mascara, neutral colour blush and thin eyeliner is sufficient. A job interview is not the place for bold red lips or smoky eyes. I hope you get that.


  1. Hands and feet:

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You can go for a pedicure and manicure before an interview. It is important to keep your nails clean and coated with a light shade of nail colour. If your nails are short, coat with a transparent nail polish that will add a natural shine to it. No patterns on nails please. A Pedicure is more important, if your footwear has an open front.


Job interviews will no more be a nightmare. Just pick up a dress that gels with the company’s environment, makes you feel comfortable, confident and helps you to leave a lasting impression with your dressing sense. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR INTERVIEW! See you in next post!

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