How to dress in wedding parties?

The wedding season has started and you must have so many invitations. It is the time to enjoy and cherish the party with friends, relatives and other people. After getting an invitation, the first thing that comes to your mind is, how will you do make up and what will be your dress. Because every woman has a cherished dream to look very beautiful and fabulous and to remain in the limelight.

Weddings are getting more and more fancy and people invest so much to make them great! Music, dance, delicious food, beautiful decoration and enchanting fashion. People start competition among themselves by wearing different outfits. Nothing is too beautiful to dress up for a wedding So, when you do not have enough gorgeous outfits, you feel worried about it.

You must be asking yourself what will you be wearing in different ceremonies of a wedding, like sangeet, mehendi, marriage party and reception.
Here are some tips how to dress for a wedding depending on the ceremony!


How to dress in wedding parties?

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It is the first party of the wedding ceremony. So you have to show your beauty and style so that people will wait to see your next look. You wear a colorful lehenga or an Anarkali suit which should be eye catchy.


How to dress in wedding parties?

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This ceremony is meant for women and it is not so attractive like the other days. You wear a shalwar suit on this occasion, because you can stay comfortable with suit as you are going to put colored mehendi on your hands.


How to dress in wedding parties?

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Chose a light colored lehenga or saree with heavy work of embroidery. Because light hue is always stylish and you will dazzle with this attire in the whole wedding.


How to dress in wedding parties?

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In the reception the newly couple is the main attraction. So, to be attractive you come with a saree, lehenga or saree gown. The saree gown is stylish, trendy and easy to manage. Thus it will give a classy look.



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