Drinking on the First Date: The Best and Worst Choices!

What are you doing tomorrow evening? What about to have some drink? These questions are the most common ways to invite beautiful Philippine girls on a date on pinalove.com. However, there comes another question: what to drink actually? Numerous of dating coaches and articles advice to be yourself. A very helpful tip indeed. But we have to remember our first date behavior tells 99% of information about ourselves. So, imagine you invited a woman on a date: to a bar, a café or a fancy restaurant – it doesn’t matter. Which drinks to avoid and what to choose to impress your date? If your lady wishes to drink in a bar, then let it be, but it doesn’t mean every drink is suitable.

Drinking on the First Date: The Best and Worst Choices!



Well, everybody knows milkshakes are delicious, nourishing, and healthy in a way. It is a nice drink to enjoy in a café with a pizza or a burger… if you are 12 years old. If you want to make an impression of a masculine man with a fine taste, order a milkshake for your date.

Tropical cocktails.

Are you a fan of icy and sweet-sour drinks in a tall glass with cute umbrellas? Undoubtedly, they look like true masterpieces of bar men’s work and are pretty tasty. But, seriously, do you really think such drinks are nice for making a positive first impression on a woman? Unless you arrange a date at a city pool or on beach in summer, forget it.

Cheap bear.

A date in a pub or a bar is a common phenomenon. And what is the most popular beverage there? Of course, it’s bear. There a many bear lovers in the world and they all know there two types of it: cheap and tasteless, and expensive and delicate. Even women know the difference between a bottled lager and Saison.


A date is an occasion when two people try to know each other better in order to develop a romantic relationship. One of the strongest alcoholic drinks is known for ruining any romance. It is the symbol of crazy and reckless students’ parties. It is also could be said the same about cocktails with vodka. Leave this drink for celebrating a good date with friends later, OK?

Flaming drinks.

Once again: you’re not in a club, it’s not a dissolute party. There is no need to set spectacular shows with fire and alcohol. Just enjoy the simple things.

Yes, please


A timeless classic for all types of occasions and meals. Moreover, in small quantities this drink is even useful. It is a sign of your good taste, and you can make even a better impression, order a suitable class of wine to a certain food. Follow few simple tips: wine should be sweeter and more sour than a meal you order. Red wine is perfect with red meat, chicken, turkey, cheese, pates, and meal with tomato sauces. White wine is a good choice for fish, seafood, meals with cream sauces, and salads. A sparkling wine is suitable both for appetizers and main courses.

Black coffee or classic coffee drinks.

There are tons of different drinks made of coffee, but not all of them are recommended to order for men on the first date. A choco-hazelnut-coconut latte topped with whipped cream is definitely not the better option even for a dessert. Black coffee with cream, once again, is a timeless classic that demonstrates your taste. Moreover, it’s a nice choice rod a breakfast dating which is quite common nowadays.

Vermouth cocktails.

Needless to say, how popular and sophisticated this drink is. Negroni, Martini, Rob Roi, Manhattan – these are the names of one of the most elegant drinks for aperitif. A nice choice for date in an expensive restaurant.

To sum up, never underestimate classic non-alcohol and strong drinks. A single rule you should always follow is don’t get drunk.