What is emotional intimacy in a relationship? 5 Signs to look out for!

Intimacy is not just sex. It also has an emotional dimension. Emotional intimacy is as much important as physical intimacy. Without emotional intimacy, your relationship is bound to fall out in no time. If there is a huge distance that separates the two of you, your interactions will bear no fruits. In the process you will look for ways to avoid seeing each other. When you make yourself emotionally vulnerable with your partner, you keep those channels open for the growth of the relationship you are in. A truly happy relationship is one in which you can open up your deepest darkest secrets with one another. This is proof that your bond is strong enough to withstand all troubles. Here are a few signs that you need to evaluate if you need to understand if your relationship is emotionally intimate:

What is emotional intimacy in a relationship? 5 Signs to look out for!

You think and feel when you are together


Emotional intimacy is when you can not only let this person know what’s happening in your heart but also evaluate what is happening and why together. You should be able to let your partner know what you are feeling on a certain day and be open to conversing about it. More often than not you tend to keep these aspects aside when you are involved in your daily schedule, but it is important to prioritize these moments at least once in the day so that you stay in touch with each other. Sharing your feelings with each other is just one way to make sure you are aware of their present state of emotions and what is happening. This way you are better prepared to stay in charge and take necessary precautions when things go wrong.


You can share your deepest secrets


It is rare to come across anyone who doesn’t have their own secrets to keep away from the world. It is easy to keep your secrets all to yourself. We often tend to have our guards up when in a relationship of any sort. We fear being judged for what we hold in each layer of our being. However, if your relationship has emotional intimacy, you will be able to open up yourself. Even if those secrets that make you feel guilty, you will be able to share it with this person that you love. Your partner should be the only person knowing you and who reaches you the deepest. If you and our partner are emotionally intimate not just do you share your physical space but emotional as well which is far more difficult that the former.


You can depend on them


Even though the need to be dependent on anyone is a debatable subject, I will let that pass for the moment. In an emotionally intimate relationship, you should be able to depend on your partner not out of compulsion but because you want to. Dependency is something that comes quite naturally in a relationship. When times are tough and you need someone to lean on, are you being able to depend on this person blindly? That is a great test of the intimacy that both of you share. You should work on developing a deep sense of belief in your partner to be emotionally intimate with him. People who share deep emotional intimacy can relate to each other better. They know the moods of their partners better and can accordingly be their support system during tough times.


You accept him as he is


In an emotionally intimate relationship, you learn to accept the person for what he is and not what you want him to be. In order to feel the safest with each other, you have to have the build that sort of acceptance. Neither of you are perfect. So even though you wish you could change something in your partner, you still have an immense sense of respect for the person. Along with this you know that even though your partner finds some fault in you he would still not leave you for those reasons. Emotional intimacy is reflected in your relationship when you can accept him in his worst as much as you do at his best.


You take pride in each other

A truly happy relationship is one in which you can open up your deepest darkest secrets with one another. This is proof that your bond is strong enough to withstand all troubles.

Your partner is the first person you like to break out any news to. You know that they will be happy in your happiness and sad when you are sad. You are not two different people having nothing to do with what the other person feels. Even if your partner doesn’t really understand your kind of work or cannot relate to it, both of you take pride in that. This is so because you know their achievements, their hard work and their sacrifices to understand how they created their individual identity.


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