Empower women !


It is hard to be a WOMAN.

You must think like a MAN,

Act like a LADY,

Look like a young GIRL,

And work like a HORSE!

With all the scientific, economic, and technological progress we have made, why do we still stereotype rather than thinking rationally? Why do we still consider women to be weak, dumb and objects of abuse? Why does it take a women years to acquire justice?

While a few of us might claim that women have acquired justice in the true sense, many of us would support the fact that there’s a long way to go even before women see anything near equality, although countries are trying hard to bridge the gaps in all the areas. In India, women have to go an extra mile to prove that they are equal to men. It is the act of aborting a fetus because it is female. Marriage has become a financial transaction. Domestic violence is endemic and widespread. About 70% of the women in India are the victims of domestic abuse! A crime is committed against a WOMAN every three minutes! A woman is raped every 27 minutes, a dowry death occurs every77 minutes and a woman is kidnapped every 43 minutes! Among the worst countries in crime, India has an abhorrent track record in all forms of exploitation. In homes, in offices, on streets, in schools, in public transports even on vacations! No place is safe. And the most terrible fallout of this is the lack of self worth and the feeling of degradation following the physical and mental trauma that constant harassment creates! Also, women are not allowed to combat roles in the armed forces. Equal property distribution has remained to be a law only on the paper. Even a job is gender biased! And you know what? The funny thing is, most women consider this to be absolutely normal!

If given a chance, women can prove themselves. Within politics, women can play a variety of roles such as candidates, voters, party leaders, office holders etc. A country can progress and benefit only if all its citizens are involved. With half the population restricted from making important decisions, how can one expect a country to be free of all the political and economic hassles? Women should stop taking the back seat and stand up for themselves. If the laws doesn’t give them justice, they must change the law. If women were kept on equal footing with men, they can be the real agents of change. As Dalai Lama says, men should turn over their responsibilities and let women lead. For a woman, its not about ME, it’s about WE. We should banish the notion that women are a peripheral audience and place them squarely in the center where they belong. Empowering women benefits them, AND their families, AND their communities AND ultimately, the entire world. If the voices, opinions, ideas and views of women were a part of the international peace process, I’m sure we’d live in a safe world.

Women can make a difference. One woman can make a difference. That’s the message I’d like to give to the whole world.


Alisha Khan



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Alisha is a journalist from Mumbai. She is a self learner and an voracious reader. Writing and listening to music will never bore her!