How to end the wrong relationship that will never be good for you!

Ending a relationship with someone you still love is the hardest thing to do. When things have turned so sour that you cannot stand the thought of each other. it is still a much easier task. However, what do you do when you know that it will never work, not because you don’t love him but only because it is not practically possible because your plans of future are different? While you may have fallen in love quite a number of times and then again fallen out of it, it is easy and sometimes difficult depending on the intensity or sincerity that you put into that relationship. If you are someone who is in a relationship but the thought of it leaves you depressed no matter what the legit reason it is,  here is everything that you could do to get out of it.

How to end the wrong relationship that will never be good for you!

What stops you from taking the hard decision?


Intuitions are the best instructors. If you are paying attention to the little screams inside, you will know that the relationship that you are pushing every day is no good and will never see the daylight. Wrong relationships are soul killers. So, what do you do when in a wrong relationship that is anyway doomed to fail? Should you take the path that has a better future or do you cling to the wrong one just because you are too meek to take the decision that is healthier for you? [Read: 7 ways to avoid attracting the wrong person in your life]

For most of us it is easier to live with a habit. No matter how bad the habit is or how slowly it is but poisoning us. We are just too comfortable with what is being served to us that take another risk with someone new.


Ask yourself why this is not working


Be true to yourself. While you can cheat others you will have to face yourself at the end of the day. Don’t keep making excuses about why it will work in the future when it is not giving you happiness in your present. Also, don’t make the mistake of blaming him for everything. Whether it worked out or not, just tell yourself that you were equally responsible. This will help you make peace with yourself.


Once convinced, accept the reality

How to end the wrong relationship that will never be good for you!

There is no point trying to convince your partner that this will work. Since he is not the one convincing you it already means that he couldn’t care any less about you. Practically he has also given up. So, why are you still waiting? Crying your eyes out won’t help any longer. No point ruining that expensive mascara for someone who never really cared! (Hahaha!) Okay, jokes aside. Accept it and move on. [Read: 5 Signs that you are in the wrong relationship]


Avoid getting emotionally manipulated


When you finally break it out to your partner that you choose to get out of the relationship. He will try and manipulate you because he may not have anticipated that you will finally take a stand for yourself. So, have a good time and don’t let your thoughts wander back to him no matter how hard that may seem initially. Whoever it is that makes you happy should be having your company. Don’t you think you deserve that at least? [Read: 5 Signs this person you are dating is terrible!


Try interacting with the opposite sex


While you may not be in the mood, you might actually find good company if you start looking, especially in the opposite sex. Start talking to people, when your mind is occupied, you will not think much about what happened. In fact you might just realise that your past was such a waste of time while there are plenty of deserving men vying for your love and attention.


Don’t try to forget him


It is impossible to forget people who have had an influence in your life, whether good or bad. So, don’t even try thinking that there is a magical way of forgetting him. Instead learn to deal with those thoughts. Let them come, you can’t stop them but just bury them every time as memories. Treat them as a collection of memories that you can joke about with your grandchildren in the future. Sounds funny? Well, this is the how I stop my memories from getting the better of me.


Remind yourself of how worthy you are!


Self- affirmation is the best way to make yourself understand things that others cannot. It is a great teacher. You are great and you deserve the best. By accepting someone average, you are only reducing worth when you can be happier with best things that your life will welcome you with if only you allow it. [Read: 5 Reasons why self-respect is important in the relationship!]


Just stay determined once you understand what is best for you. If you have to make temporary sacrifices to make your future better, you should go ahead with what you want to do.


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