Mothers are often seen advising their kids to consume almonds, in order to make their brains sharper and stronger. But, just like our body needs to exercise for better functioning and developing strength, our brain also need exercise and not just nourishment in order to become sharper and stronger.

Everybody, a child, a student or a working professional wants their brain to be active and sharp, so as to be more productive in different realms of life. So how do we increase brain power? The answer is quite simple, by using it! Just as exercising makes our body stronger and fitter, exercising our brain makes it sharper!

One doesn’t need to straight away jump to those difficult puzzles, or math problems in order to start exercise their brains. Possibly, these would baffle you at the very first attempt and you might end up taking a nap!

Simple things and activities, can do wonders for your brain. Just as a half an hour evening walk does for our body.


It’s so easy to eat and treat your tongue to sweets and spice. But have you ever wondered what ingredients have actually gone into that lip smacking recipe? Try !

Eat a bite and then stop for some time. Try to find out what ingredients must have fallen into the dish you are eating. If it’s sweet, is it sugar or it’s honey? If it’s spicy is it pepper or is it chilly? Try your nose, Can you make out the ingredients of a dish by it’s smell?


Just while you are a little free, having coffee or taking a break. Think of a word. Write it down on a paper and think of all the words related to it. For example, ‘Good’. Words that relate to good are, goodness, better, best and etc.

You can also try to make words out of a single word. Like’ Education’ will give you words like eat, cat, date, cite etc. These simple practices will not only enrich your vocabulary but also fortify your analytical skills and speed.


We often see those travel advertisements that show little cartoon airplanes running over a route on the map. You can build them too! Try to draw them in your brain instead of a paper, map a route from a new place that you just visited. Build flag points with the famous places that fall in the way from your source to the destinations. Can you derive two routes for the same destination? Which do you think is the smaller? And which one is easier to memorize?

This will enhance your creativity and enrich your memory. It will increase your imagination power and also help you make quicker calculations that are just based on analysis and not numbers.


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