Exploring the outskirts of Tirupati – Adventure on the Road

Exploring the outskirts of TirupatiOne of the holiest towns for Hindus, Tirupati is a cultural experience that needs no introduction. It is home to the Sri Venkateshwara Temple, a hilltop temple that draws millions of pilgrims every year. Apart from the rich spiritual heritage, there are many other things that one can do in and around this town. With a car rental, curious travelers can explore some of the landmarks of this region. Here are some recommendations.


Tirupati – A town close to wilderness 

The Sri Venkateshwara National Park and its fringe areas are a dense and pristine wilderness area close to the city of Tirupati. It is home to many enthralling sites like gushing waterfalls and unique natural rock formations. The National Park is part of a larger biosphere reserve and is ideal for visitors who want to explore the Eastern Ghats and see its untouched beauty.

For travelers to Tirupati, it offers a distinctive change from the buzz of the town. The seclusion and scenic landscapes provide memorable photo ops, and wildlife enthusiasts will also enjoy trying to sight the local species. Various primate species and the Indian giant squirrels rule the canopies of the thick forests, and the leopard is the apex predator in these ranges. Bird watchers can catch glimpses of the yellow-throated bulbul, Oriental white-backed vulture (a highly endangered species), and the blue-faced malkoha amongst many other feathered residents.

wilderness of tirupati

The drive from Tirupati to the National Park entrance is around half an hour at the most. There is a zoological garden and children’s park here where visitors can see some rare animals in captivity, including the lion safari which is the main draw.


Chandragiri Fort

Just 17kms west of Tirupati, one can visit the imposing Chandragiri Fort. The fort complex is close to a thousand years old, and here one can find many beautifully designed structures and monuments. Chandragiri reached its heights during the dominance of the Vijayanagara Empire. Visitors to the fort can admire the architecture of the Raja Mahal palace. Today, the palace is a museum, filled with many engaging exhibits.


Swami Pushkarini Lake

Close to the Sri Venkateshwara Temple, one will find the serene Swami Pushkarini Lake, a place where pilgrims take a holy dip before moving on towards the main shrine. This is a good place to observe the sacred rituals, and during the evenings the lake is lit up and provides a wondrous sight. Photographers will enjoy the lamp-lit scenes that unfold once the sun sets. 

Tirupati and its outskirts provide a wide spectrum of activities and sights for visitors to experience. The best way to travel around these parts is on one’s own terms. This is a reason why many visitors are choosing car rentals in Tirupati. They enjoy complete privacy and total control over the pace of the journey. Compared to chauffeured cabs, the rates are affordable. App-based rental platform Zoomcar provides the latest hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs for travelers to choose from. Another assurance that endears customers is the 24/7 on-road support feature – adding extra security and ensuring a hassle-free trip.

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