Expressions Of LGBT Lives


For years and even now, women and men find it difficult to come out of their shells and show the world who they really are. They are scared. Scared of people judging and laughing at their sexuality, scared of not being socially acceptable because of their gender identity, the fear of losing loved ones, the fear of being mocked, ostracized or even sexually harassed for who they are.

But why on earth should fear motivate their actions and compel them to live a pretentious life when all they are is nature’s creation? They feel, they breathe, they eat, they are as human as the rest of us. Objectifying humans for loving who they love and wanting to be what their hearts feel content at being is a vile act of the ignorant masses.

In this documentary, Purple Skies, Sridhar Rangayan has portrayed the lives of Indian LBT, and illuminated their emotions of love, happiness, agony and frustration – being trapped in a society that refuses to accept them, trapped in a world where they cannot express how they feel, being pressurized by their family members into early marriage and the insults of their peers. He has brought under limelight the humiliation and pain Indian LBT have to go through on a daily basis. It narrates how some of them have overcome all these obstacles, faced their fears and finally chosen to live the lives they were meant to live.

Purple Skies contains inspirational stories of people weaved into one, who have stood firmly on their ground and not given in to society. Therefore, watch and feel inspired: