Eye-liners – different styles for different looks

“Eye-liners – different styles for different looks – you decide yourself how dazzling you want to be”

Eye-liner is one of the make-up essentials most of us can’t live without. A perfectly applied eye-liner accentuates the beauty of your eyes and adds spark to your overall look. Eyeliner is also said to shape up your eyes. So whether you have small eyes or really big ones, different techniques of wearing eye-liner can help you change your look. I am sharing a few smart tips of applying eye-liner with you, try these and feel prettier!

Beige Eye-liner: It often happens to most of us due to improper sleep, eyes look really tired and dull in the morning. The simplest tip to make your eyes look fresh and bright is to use beige eye liner inside the lower lid of your eye. Inner rim brighteners are available in the market by various brands, pick up one that contains ingredients you are not allergic to and give a sparkling look to your eyes.

Smudged Eye-liner: Who doesn’t like smoky eyes? Though it seems quite tricky to get the look but a flat brush and black kohl pencil would do the magic. You need to apply the pencil uniformly on the upper eye lid, inside the eye and alongside the lower lid. The brush can be used to smudge lines. This is a quicker and easiest way to get smoky look.

The popular winged-Tip Eye-liner: This eye-liner style never runs out of fashion. But getting a really neat winged tip often takes a lot of time. The tip is to apply your liner at 45 degree angle. Eye shape is really important in getting the desired look. You should not apply too thick liner if you have big eyes it would turn out to be a mess. Similarly too thin liner for small eyes doesn’t work.

Elongated Eye-liner look: A cream liner should be used for this look. Make a line on your upper lid without getting it winged, apply liner inside the third corner of your eye and join it with the upper line. If you have round eyes, this eye-liner look is just right for you.

Double Winged Tip Eye-Liner: This eye-liner looks very eastern and can be worn with traditional outfits. In this kind of eye-liner look, you have to draw two winged tips, one on the upper eye lid and one on the lower. Neatness of the liner is the key to a fabulous look. You must practice often to get acquainted with the technique.

Cat-Eye Liner: This eye-liner style can be seen in 70’s movies. A good quality cream eye-liner should be used for this look. Thickness of the liner should be gauged carefully for the perfection of cat-eye look.

Natural Look: You can use a single fine stroke of black eye-liner on your upper lid to give a natural striking look to your eyes. This liner look is suitable for all complexions and all eye-types.

An extra tip: All these liner looks can be accomplished with quality cosmetics including soft brushes.