What your face shape says about you!

I’m obsessed with my face shape. It’s wide at the forehead and tapers downwards leaving my chin look narrow and pointed like the dwarfs of ‘Snow White and the 7 dwarfs.’ But I love the look it gives me, a sharp and dominant look. Rude, sometimes too.

Face reading expert, Jean Haner says that your face can depict your personality. “There are patterns in the features of your face and in your birth date that reveal your personality, who you really are inside, your strengths and challenges, and what your true calling in life is meant to be.”

While some people may have a mix of two shapes, others have a face shape that can be distinctly pointed out. More than your eyes, your face says a lot about your personality.

To know what does your face shape say about you, read below:

  1. Heart face shape

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People belonging to the heart-face-shape group have a widow’s peak and a narrow chin. They have a wide forehead that signifies their inner strength. They are very strong, not physically but mentally. They have a powerful thinking pattern and a robust approach to life. They love challenges and can push you to attain your goal. They are creative but stubborn. Deepika Padukone has a heart-shaped face.

2. Round face shape

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A round face, like that of Sonakshi Sinha, has more surface on the cheeks than the head or the chin. People with a round face shape are givers. They are down to earth and kind. They believe more in giving than taking. They prioritize others over them and this can hurt them as they don’t get what they expect, in return. People with a round face should be careful with their feelings. They often end up being an over-giver.

3. Oval face shape

When talking about beauty, people with an oval face can carry almost every look. They have a not-so-wide forehead that blends in with their cheekbones. Their cheekbones are wider than their jaws. Oval-faced people can make others feel warm and welcome. They always have the right thing to say and their words are comforting. Karishma Kapoor has an oval face.

4. Diamond face shape

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Malika Arora Khan has a diamond face shape. So does Taylor Swift. This one is the most sought-after shape that has a narrow forehead and chin but is wide in the middle. People with a diamond face shape measure their words before speaking. They are very careful when they speak about a certain thing to someone. They love to work with details. They are dominating and they can be sharp as well.

5. Rectangular face shape


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People with a rectangle face have forehead and chin of almost the same size, like Prachi Desai and Katrina Kaif.They are introverts. They guard their feelings. They are deep thinkers who can sometimes over think. However, they are logical and they work out regularly. But due to their complex thought pattern, they fall prey to tension and stress.

6. Square face shape

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People with a square face shape have their forehead, chin and cheekbones of almost the same length. People belonging to this clan are very active in life. They have stamina and a knack for work. They take up big projects and put all their strength in making it successful. Anushka Sharma has a square face shape.

7. Triangle face shape

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Opposite to a heart shaped face, people with a triangle face shape have chin wider than the forehead. They have a wider jawline and they are control freaks. They want to be in power. The narrower is their forehead, the more in charge they wish to be. Dia Mirza has a Triangle face shape.


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