My Facebook Experience- Part1

my facebook experience

It was 2013 when I first made an account on Facebook. It was a trend those days and I loved to keep up with the latest happenings. I had a few friends, here and there, my classmates, my friends, friends of my friends and three dozen unknown people. I was 15 and I didn’t have any knowledge about hacking or privacy. So it was my Facebook profile speaking good things about me and displaying a fine edited picture of mine. We didn’t have photo editing apps on cell phones back then, we might have had but I wasn’t aware of it, so I edited it on Photoshop, making the picture bright, blurring background, enhancing my facial features, well you know what I mean!

I was an innocent girl, studying hard like any other student and enjoying the pleasures of social media like Facebook. I’m a girl from Delhi and it is said you can’t fool a Delhite, but with me, the case was apparently different. One day, I learned how your updates can only be viewed by your friends, if you knew the correct user settings, that is. I did all that and thought, “now my account is secure. I can accept requests only if I want to. I would no longer get nasty comments on my pictures or out of the box messages in my inbox.” To be honest, it was pretty much safe and fun.

The day came when I completed my boards and I was so overwhelmed with happiness, I was flying on the seventh sky! The first thing I did, being a social media addict was to log on to Facebook, update my status, upload another picture, know about my classmates and the usual stuff.

 I had a few unknown friend requests, but one was from Farhan, a guy I knew at school. Without giving it another thought, I accepted his request but what happened next changed my life forever. It changed my perception of life, it changed the way I thought about men. A rather sad experience.

This guy, Farhan was handsomely charming and we had a great chat. He had a kind of quality,a skill, that lured me into his friendship and made me believe every word he said. He told me he didn’t have any siblings and called me his little sister. Since I didn’t have a brother, I accepted his title happily. We chatted for nearly twenty days when he revealed to me that a guy from our same school was in love with me. His name was Siddharth and he was Farhan’s best friend. I couldn’t believe his words because people at school called me a girl of steel. I was equally rude and disliked people who had boyfriends. In my school and during those times, children being in love was a taboo. It still is, as  far as I know. And he started telling me tales of how Siddharth talked about me all day, dreamed of me, looked forward to meet me, blah.

He admired a girl he had never once spoken to. If he was attracted to me, I would have understood. But loving someone without ever talking to them! The thought seemed ridiculous. Yet I heard fables of this boy, this digital brother of mine, Farhan, resenting his story, yet falling for his plot all at the same time. Then after a few dreamy days I got a friend request from Siddharth. All of this was happening so fast. I hastily accepted his entry into my Facebook world, for never had I known a boy who would do something for me. Call it puppy love, or attraction, or lust or whatever, we began chatting and developing feelings for one another. All this was happening online, on Facebook.

Two students who never said a ‘Hi’ to one another were seemingly falling in love. (I better call it : One girl being led into a well prepared trap.) It was after a few months I actually met this guy. It was a nervous day, a bad day, a day I would never forget even if I wanted to. The guy looked horrible, of course. He had no style or dressing sense or real sense at all. But I was a modest girl and I couldn’t betray someone I’ve given my word to. We dated for a year, he proposed me, I accepted.

The beginning of this relationship….



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