Fashion trends over history – Top 5 Bollywood

Fashion trends over history - Top 5 Bollywood

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As per some estimates Bollywood has become the biggest movie industry if quantity is the standard. In the number of movies made, Bollywood has beaten Hollywood and now many Bollywood stars can be seen on the Hollywood film horizon. Stars like Amitabh Bachan, Aishwarya Rai, Aneel Kapoor and Om Kapoor among many others appeared as the lead cast of many Hollywood movies. With originality of ideas and innovation and diversity of topic, Hollywood may beat Bollywood but as far as dress designs and fashion trends are concerned; Bollywood has its own style and legacy to which Hollywood does not provide any match.

People, who love Indian culture, have certainly been looking up to Bollywood to copy new fashion trends and dress designs.

If you belong the 60’s golden period of Hindi movies, you can certainly not forget the famous Anarkali dress got among Indian girls and how Madhubala became the dream girl of every Indian man. Talking of dream girl, which fan of Indian cinema could forget Hema Malini’s romantic movie Dream Girl, in which she played the role of a lady ‘Robin Hood’ who steals from rich to help poor. Hema Malini style sarees got unprecedented fame from that movie. Bollywood certainly made a great impression on the Indian fashion industry and emerged as the most reliable source for both dress designers and zealous fans. Some of those fashion trends have faded into the dust of time, but they are still cherished for the fame they got in the golden age of the Indian film industry. Let’s have a look at some of these fashion trends:


  • Bell-bottom Pants:

Fashion trends over history - Top 5 Bollywood

Picture Courtesy: Instagram Account: nikimehra

Who can easily forget the tornado of bell-bottom pants that came straight from the blockbuster movie ‘Haray Rama Haray Krishna’ and struck the whole India from North to South. Zeenat Aman became the hottest Indian heroine from that movie and all that you needed to give yourself a 70’s heroine look was bell-bottom pants with platform shoes and oversized shades to complement them. This trend rocked the nation for a long time until people get out of its trance and indulged into some other Bollywood fashion trend.


  • Sadhna Cut:

Talking about dresses how could we ignore the impact of hairdo on the Indian fashion industry? Famous film star Sadhna came up with a new hairdo in her 60’s romantic debut ‘Love in Shimla’. This spearheaded like an epidemic and every young girl loved to chop her tresses to look more like Sadhna.


  • Bobby Print:

Fashion trends over history - Top 5 Bollywood

 A polka-dot shirt and a hot black mini; what comes into your mind if you think of this? That’s right, Dimple Kapadia. She wore this dress in her ‘also sweet’ 17 movie ‘Bobby’, in which she played the role of Bobby, a Mumbai teenager. This polka-dot print got immense fame from that movie and it is still in and still known as ‘Bobby print’.


  • Patiala Shalwar – Long T-Shirt:

 ‘Jab we Met’ is the movie which introduced young and hot Kareena Kapoor’s new slim and smart look to her fans and lovers. Also with this movie she came up with a new fashion trend; Patiala Shalwar with a long T-Shirt. This stylish yet comfortable dress became notoriously favourite with young Indian girls and this fashion trend is still in for its simplicity and smart look.


  • Anarkali Embroidered Dresses:

Fashion trends over history - Top 5 Bollywood

Picture Courtesy: Instagram Account: nikimehra

 India is full of artisans who earned name and fame in embroidery. India’s handicrafts are widely appreciated throughout the world. This includes samples of rich embroidery over silk. This Anarkali suits fanaticism started from the legendary Madhubala film ‘Mughl-e-Azam’. This fashion trend left an unparalleled impact on the psychology of Indian fashion industry and film industry and beautiful women from all walks of life, including film industry chose this fashion trend to look more prominent and beautiful. This trend was followed by many heroines later, including Aishwarya Rai in ‘Jodha Akbar’.

Choose your favourite fashion look and blow everyone away !


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