Do you feel comfortable discussing your sex life?

Do you feel comfortable discussing your sex life?

Lack of sex education in the school curriculum makes it indispensible for us to depend on friends and family for advice on sex. However, not all of us find it easier to discuss closed door affairs for the fear that we might be judged or shamed.

People love to gossip for starters, after which comes the analysis of the anecdote. They scrutinize every detail and come up with a long list of flaws out of a small situation, accompanied with a dozen ‘OMG’s and ‘She’s such a slut!’

It’s true, we must always turn a deaf ear to the superficial opinions others have about us – good or bad. We must always consider criticism, but never let negativity get under our skin – for some people will always criticise you, no matter how much of a saint you are or not.



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