Feeling Hopeless about yourself? 8 Things You Can Do To Cheer Yourself Up

Some days in your normal day to day life you have a feeling of despair like you don’t really want to exist. Then your thoughts go on spiraling downwards and you start to think what it would be like to disappear and this darkness starts to surround your thoughts. Everyone faces these depressive thoughts. The only difference is that some people are fast to distract themselves from these thoughts while some go on getting suckered by these thoughts. And those who don’t come out of these thoughts soon isolate themselves from everyone, they stop meeting their friends, they keep holed up in their room and start distancing from their family as well.

Feeling Hopeless about yourself? 8 Things You Can Do To Cheer Yourself Up

Are you also feeling hopeless? Do you feel that empty feeling in your heart which no one seems to understand? Remember, you are not alone. There are so many people who are feeling just what you do. Life is filled with ups and downs, and it is best when it is like that because then you know what it is like to be happy. If life was just all rainbows and unicorns you would never learn to value anything in life.

Don’t let the dark thoughts make you feel more hopeless. Try to get out of it. I know easier said than done but worth a try. Once you try, it will automatically fill you with hope, at least a bit. Read on to know what else you can do to stop feeling despair and hopeless and see life in a better light.

Have You Forgotten To Look At The Good Things In Your Life?

It often happens that when we see that things are not how we want them to be, we start to think about all the bad things we have been through or are going through. This hopelessness doesn’t let you see the good things in life. When you only feel sorry and pity for yourself for all the bad things, you forget to look at the good things you are blessed with and should be grateful for. Yes, your partner left you for someone else but that was because he didn’t love you and that means he would have left now or after some days, better now than later, right? And what about all the people who stood by your side when you went through the bad things? You are blessed to have them.

Change Is The Rule Of Life

Nothing is constant in life, not even the bad times. You are going through bad things and bad phase right now but you should know that it is not going to last forever. Things that happen in your life are not going to remain the same whether bad or good. Good times will not stay forever just like bad and that’s how life is for everyone. You should not feel hopeless just because times are not good right now but rather hold on to hope that good times will show up soon. Embrace the life as it is and you will stay happy.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

When people see that things are not working the way they want them to be, they start to push themselves and be hard on themselves, overanalyze things. But that makes things worse. It makes you feel restless and even more hopeless. Instead, go easy on yourself. Don’t think you have to prove anything to anyone. Don’t push yourself too much. Take some time and do things you love to do so that you can see things in a better and fresh perspective rather than being stuck on the same notion.  First focus on feeling better and then focus on other things.

The Past Comes Handy Sometimes

Feeling Hopeless about yourself? 8 Things You Can Do To Cheer Yourself Up

Everyone asks you to live in the present and let go of the past and they are right. But past isn’t bad always. Your past shows you all those tough times you have been through and all those bad days you dealt with your head held high. Get inspiration from them. Learn from your past mistakes. Ponder what you did when you went through tough times and how you got through it. Think about what else you could have done to make things right and apply the same to the current situation.

It Is Okay To Cry

People make a big issue out of crying but I feel it is okay to shed tears sometimes. The feeling of hopelessness weighs on your heart and if you want to feel light then you should seek shoulder of someone who you love and trust. Crying in front of them and them consoling you will make you feel better; knowing that you are not alone also helps. If you are not a people-person then cry when you are alone. You’ll feel better. Don’t hide your emotions and don’t try to act strong when you are breaking inside. It is okay to show emotions. If you don’t, the emotions will pent up inside you and then you’ll suffer an outburst in the most unexpected time and may also end up hurting someone close.

Interact With Other Hopeless People

Now it might seem absurd to you and you might think I’m crazy but am not. Talking to the people who feel just as hopeless as you might help you in some way. For once you’ll not feel alone and trapped in this hopeless despair. Knowing you are not alone in this will instantly make you feel better. And when you seek support from them and talk with them it will help you in some way. The help from people who don’t exactly know what you are feeling isn’t much use but talking to those who are in the same boat as you definitely helps.

Go Out And Treat Yourself Better

Don’t expect people to pull you out of your room and treat you better. No, instead look out for yourself because people can’t always be there for you, it is you who is always there for yourself. So don’t wait for others to make you happy. Go out and enjoy the things you love to do. Pamper yourself to some spa or mani-pedi packages or treat yourself to exotic ice creams or cakes. Go on a long drive in your car and put on your favorite kind of music with windows down and you’ll already start feeling better. There so much to do in life so why feel hopeless? People and things go and come so don’t think or worry so much.

Focus On Your Passions

Feeling Hopeless about yourself? 8 Things You Can Do To Cheer Yourself Up

Many times you fail in life and it makes you feel hopeless. It pushes you into darkness. But do you know what can pull you out of this darkness? Your passions. The best time to explore your passions would be this because it is when you are fully lost and doing something you love can help you out of it and also motivate you to do the best. It will make you feel happy, you’ll realize that you still have so much to do in life and that you shouldn’t be moping around but hustle.

If you feel like you don’t want to be alone at such times when you are feeling hopeless then you don’t have to be. You can go and seek support from your loved ones. For once stop expecting people to understand you and come to you, instead seek their support and love by yourself. If all of these still don’t help you then it would be a good option to talk to a therapist, and seeking a therapist doesn’t mean you are not well. It means you are trying to be better than you are. Don’t be ashamed to seek help or support.

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