Fifty Shades Of Grey – women’s secret fantasies

Fifty Shades of Grey – movie release: an excursion for women’s most secret fantasies

The eagerly awaited movie 50 Shades of Grey finally celebrated its international premiere. Millions of fans, especially women, already bought tickets before the release and can’t wait to descend into the world of Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, and Sadism & Masochism (BDSM).

But step by step. Let’s begin with the movie plot. The plot is based on the erotic romance novel written by E.L. James with the main character‘s Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) who is a 21-year-old college senior attending, and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), a 27-year-old incredibly successful and wealthy young entrepreneur.

The movie is all about the relationship between Anastasia (Ana) and Christian. Virgin Ana is instantly attracted to Christian when they meet the first time. Ana goes on a date with Christian where he takes her in his helicopter to his apartment. There he takes her to his playroom full of BDSM toys and gear. Afterwards he wants her to sign a contract of dominance and submission and informs her that there will be no romantic relationship, only a sexual one. She doesn’t sign but they have sex. In the following Christian wants Ana to perform research on the BDSM lifestyle but she refuses to honor part of the agreement due to that she hesitates to sign it. They meet again to discuss Ana’s hard and soft limits and after Christian spanks her the first time both are confused but contemporary enticed. The relationship of them goes on. Christian makes her lots of lavish gifts and them as well as the not signed agreement about BDSM increases the tension between them. To get to see how a BDSM relationship with Christian would be Ana asks him to punish her. He fulfills her request and whips her with a belt. That experience makes Anastasia devastated and shows her that they are incompatible. So she breaks up with Christian. But the story goes on – it is just the end of the first out of 3 movies. The release of the second chapter will already be in 2016.

50 shades of grey

How the story is implemented on-screen. In comparison to the novel the movie is pretty honest and staid. Quite a few parts of it are about the staging of wealth and luxury of Christian Grey. Beginning with his amazing apartment with its sparkling floor and the impressive piano across his helicopter up to his expensive roadsters (he has a lot more than just one) and not forgetting the lavish gifts, like a big car, a laptop and further more, he makes Ana. But the main topic of the story – sex – is just shown some minutes which do not include sadomasochism aspects which make the main characters’ relationship fascinating for the fans. The use of the rare utilized BDSM toys (handcuffs, peacock feather and two times a lash) is just intimated by the pain on Dakota Johnson’s and Jamie Dornan’s facial expression. Even though millions of film-goers are glowing because the erotic allusions wing their fantasies and allow them to paint their own pictures in mind the way they are personally turned on.

The main actors are Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Dakota Johnson plays her role as the fragile, innocent girl pretty well. She accomplishes to convey her feelings that the viewer is touched and able to identify with her. As opposed to Dakota, Jamie Dornan is barely vivacious and expressionless but very good-looking and in excellent shape. The mix of his muscular body and his meaninglessness makes him look like a stone statue.

All in all some viewer may be disappointed but millions of women are enthusiastic about the movie. This stunning looking Christian Grey and the references to his and Ana’s sex life encourages the women’s sex fantasies and their sexual desire.

An interesting thought actually was published in the Journal of Women’s Health and discussed in the Times of India, saying that the movie and the book would be unhealthy for women. Read more about it here.

Another article about the erotic practice of WomenNow is here.


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