Fight body shaming !

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Body shaming has existed for ages amongst us. With increasing technology, population outburst on the web and loaded global access, the situation is becoming worse.

India supports the vision and concept of internet speech freedom. No legal obstacles and no obligations. But do we not need to think, before shaming someone else about how they look or how god has made them? Should we not learn to embrace people the way they are, the way their body is built, and learn the highest sense of individuality.

Every human is a divine creation of god and very dear to their parents, loved ones and family, irrespective of their looks. It’s important that we learn to accept what we have been granted by the supreme power and love ourselves the most. Only when one becomes sure of oneself, he/ she can deal with the world in a better way!

Two star kids Jhanavi kapoor, daughter of Sridevi and Boney Kapoor and Pooja bedi’s daughter ‘Aaliya Ebrahim’, set out a brilliant example of how you need to love yourself and bash away the bashers ! The young celeb kids are creating quite a buzz and have surely set out an example.

In a recent Instagram post, Jhanavi Kapoor, moved out of all the body shaming comments and gave us a reason on accepting to raise our acceptance levels on the social circuit. She insisted “I post my pictures because I feel good and confident. I put out these pictures not because I want to show off or try to be anyone or anything else. I have my own sense of style and my own way to think and me putting out a picture that’s accessible to so many people is taken more of an opportunity to judge me or my looks, clothes or anything else.” She further says, ” Please think twice before you decide to comment something rude or offensive, it’s not a joke. It’s sad how in this day and age where feminism is finally getting the attention it deserves, girls still feel the need to tear each other down and indulge in body shaming.

Aaliyah Ebrahim, who is quite active on social media, marked that she’s not just about her breast and people should stop blaming and accusing girls who wear fashionable and trendy clothes, as sluts! She asserted that she will stick to what she is and never change for anyone!

Kudos! To the starlets!


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