Finding a balance between work and personal life

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You are working and you are a student at the same time and you have an overloaded timetable? This article is for you! Sometimes you are in the situation were you come across an interesting course that could help you in your professional growth and you are quite excited about it. But something is keeping you from pursuing this desire of getting enrolled for that course. Surely, what you are fretting about is the fear of not being able to manage your work and your studies when you can hardly keep a balance between family life and work. Believe me it is not that hard! All you need is a few tips to follow and you are all set to creating a remarkable balance between work, studies and personal life. The degree to which you will succeed depends on your positivity and confidence in your abilities.

Let’s take a look at tips that will help you in effectively managing your work and studies:


Optimize and prioritize your time:

Time is the most precious thing you have so don’t waste it! Try to think at the beginning of each week how you can plan your schedule best between all your different duties. Make a TO DO list and prioritize with colors what is the most important you have to do and what is the time deadline. When you do something do it the best you can and really stay focused. Don’t think about your work when you are studying and vice versa. Make sure to be very organized and to have a regular life. You can also use your time in a clever way if you use public transport, if you are waiting for a meeting. Read books from school instead of playing with your smartphone. It is important to have some goals so everyday plan one relaxing moment where you can see a friend, a movie or do sports. This will be a good motivation for you to be efficient and to optimize your time.

Stress management

Stress is the difference between the perception the people have from their environment and their perception of their capacities to answer to the demands. When you feel you have so much to do and deal with it is normal you can feel stressed and anxious. Here are some ways to keep your stress levels at minimum: doing sports, walking, breathing slowly, having a good diet, yoga and meditation on a daily basis can be a great help! Having a nice massage or a bath can also be really relaxing. . Managing stress levels is really important as it will seriously affect your performance in studies and work place.

Good communication with your boss:

If your employer pays for your studies so, you do not have to explain to your boss that you need your workload to be reduced or you need to have flexible work hours. But in the case where you have pursued your studies on your own, do talk to your employer so that he allows you to work in flexible timings so, that you can effectively manage your work and studies together. Furthermore, it will help you receive better understanding and support from him.




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