Flabby arms – Top 7 tips to hide them

While some of us come close to achieving the elusive hour glass figure the majority of us are left wondering as to how to achieve it. You might have a toned body but your arms might tell a different story altogether. If flabby arms are a sore point with you then it is time you followed these smart tricks which will not only help you hide your bulging arms but also ensure that you keep looking stylish throughout.

Cover Them Up

If you have flabby arms then the first thing you need to do is cover them up. Covering them would draw attention away from them while shifting the focus to more alluring body parts. If you have excessively fleshy arms then you can wear full-sleeved dresses or dresses with loose sleeves which amply cover up the arms and balance out the look.

Expose your Shoulders

Your arms are definitely not for show but that doesn’t mean you cannot expose any other part of your body to look alluring and stylish. A great way to look stylish is to wear off-shoulder dresses. These dresses not only quench your thirst for some skin-show but also balance out your appearance.

Shift Focus

There is no point in worrying incessantly about your flabby arms. Instead you can shift the focus away from your arms by wearing a bold neckpiece or a flashy pair of earrings. If you boast of a nice figure you can wear an eye-catching belt around your waist area that will definitely draw away attention from your arms.

Wear Multiple Layers

Wearing layered clothing can do wonders for women with fleshy arms. Choose from a myriad of options such as short jackets, shrugs etc. to team with your cool outfits and see the difference it makes.

Wear Darker Shade Clothes

It is a well-known fact that wearing dark colored outfits can impart a slimming effect to the wearer. Women with plump arms can take a cue from this and wear dark colored outfits with full or quarter sleeves. You can balance it all out by picking up costumes that have minimal work on the arms and more on the chest area.

Go for Smaller Prints

Women, on the whole like experimenting with their outfits every now and then and the same holds for prints. If you have large arms remember never to wear large prints as they will make your arms look even larger. Always stick to smaller prints and wear outfits with vertical stripes. Costumes with horizontal stripes can have the similar effect of making you look plumper.

Correct Posture

Maintaining a correct posture is essential if you want your arms to look slender. When you are posing for a picture, put your hands on your waist so that you create a triangle with the help of your arms. This pose makes one look slim and slender. Even when you are standing normally, stand with your shoulders tilted slightly towards the back while hiding your arms behind the upper part of your body so that more attention is directed towards your neck.

Now that you know about all these wonderful tips, there is no reason why you shouldn’t step out of your house in style. Simply follow these great tips and make the world drool over your style sense.

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