5 Flight smart tips for new moms

5 Flight smart tips for new moms

It is indeed the best feeling in the world to have a baby. The aura of joy and happiness is indescribable. As the new baby arrives in your world, you plan out a zillion things, one of which is the vacations. Vacations can be really challenging if not planned properly. Babies need to be given extra care and comfort during their journey. So here we are to help you out with five flight smart tips you must follow for a fuss-free journey with your baby.


This is the first step that you must assure you stick to fully. While booking your seat in the flight, choose seats that afford your privacy for feeding the baby. Make sure that the seat has enough room to assemble all your baby gears. Do not forget to inform your airline in advance if you want any special arrangements such as bulk-head seat assignments, onboard baby bassinets and infant lap belts.


5 Flight smart tips for new moms

Abiding by this step will ensure that you are onboard for a hassle free journey and have quick access to all your essentials. Organize all baby items such as clothes, accessories, medicines, toys and snacks separately.  Keep each of the items either in sealed pouches or plastic bags so that you can easily locate and pick whichever item you need in particular without getting messy on the flight. This will also make your hands free and you will be able to hold the baby properly.


5 Flight smart tips for new moms

One of the prime things which cause vacationers to mourn for their bad packing abilities is the idea to stuff in all the things possible in your luggage. This way they think they will not miss out on anything when needed. But this is a false contemplation as the lighter the luggage, the better the experience. Make a list of the things you would need on your vacation after thorough research of the place you’ll be visiting and then start packing. A baby buggy, a large backpack and a small shoulder bag should accommodate all your and baby’s belongings for the flight. Make sure they are packed intact to prevent any awkward spill outs. [Read: Spend Your Summer Holidays Wisely]


What better news you need than to know that the TSA (The Transportation Security Administration) now allows mothers who wear their babies in carriers to go through airport security without removing baby from the harness. This is the best gift aviation could possibly give to new mothers as disturbing a sleeping baby is the worst nightmare for them.  It will be smart to wear a baby in a harness or to opt for a carrier while travelling so that the baby is untroubled and also, your hands will be free for work.


5 Flight smart tips for new moms

The travel can cause stress to the baby and make the baby unsettled. You must carry the toys and the picture books to keep the baby relaxed. Take the baby for a small walk around the aisle while onboard so that the baby is not bored sitting in one place for too long. Baby usually gets distracted and become curious if they view a new thing, so take note of that. Carry a few fun familiar things to keep him/her relaxed. [Read: 6 Ways To Bond With Your Baby]


These few smart tips will help you create hassle-free memories with your baby on your vacation. One last advice is that please do not panic when things aren’t going according to your plans. Be prepared for the unexpected and smile your way through the problems. You will definitely return with a happy journey with a tonne of wonderful memories with your little love!


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