We all know there are certain kinds of foods that we shouldn’t be eating together or at least we are told not to. Grannies often tell us not to eat a certain food over or with another. We end up ignoring their advice, thinking that these are generation old myths that are just passed over decades and one should not believe them! Whereas the fact is, there are foods that we actually shouldn’t be eating together because they gradually hamper our health.


Avoid eating these combinations :


  • Fruits with yogurt :

    You must avoid eating milk or dairy products with fruits. Dairy foods or yogurt can cause congestion, and fruits are cold in nature too. Eating them together can cause sinus blockage and create regular cough problems.


  • Fries and burger :

    Both fries and burger are oily foods that are over cooked. They have high amounts of fats, unsaturated compounds and preservatives. Fries consist of high amount of sugar. Consuming there together can age you earlier than usual and lead to inflammation too.


  • Cereals and milk :

    This might come as an ultimate shock to you! As cereals with milk, is the most famous and common breakfast consumed by people all over the world. The reason one must avoid this consumption is it might stress your body. You might feel tired easily as they contain carbohydrates that are digested easily and fast, leaving you starving inside.


  • Cough syrup with lemon :

    Lemons contain enzymes that bring down cholesterol levels. The agent in cough syrup that acts against cough is intolerant towards any opposing elements or compounds. Both the substances are of opposite nature and consuming them together can cause insomnia and fatigue.


  • Tea with yogurt :

    For a very simple nature, tea is hot in nature. And yogurt is cold. Whenever you eat or consume hot over cold or vice versa, you risk playing with your body temperature. This might cause indigestion and lead to weakening of intestine walls.



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