Food items that stain your teeth

The outer covering of the teeth called enamel, is a porous material. Unfortunately, this implies that it is quite easy to get stained. Discoloration of your enamel can be caused by dark colored food and drinks, because those items often contain high level of chromogens. Chromogens are those compounds that stick to the enamel and cause staining.

Chromogens aren’t the only ones to be accused of, though. Strangely, clear or light-colored food items can stain your teeth too! The more acid content of the food, the larger is the threat it incurs. Another factor responsible are tannins. Tannins are basically found in wines and plants seeds and they make stains to last longer and clearly visible. Check out these 6 food items you come across daily and see how they stain your teeth!

  1. Curry

Food items that stain your teeth

These exotic spices do really taste amazing, those yellow and red spices also dye your teeth, all thanks to their deep pigmentation. The best way to prevent these staining here is to prepare curry as a once in a while treat. Those 32 teeth smiling wide and bright will thank you back.

  1. Cherry and Cranberry Juice

All the varieties of fruit juices put your teeth at risk of discoloration, mostly when the fruits are richly pigmented(colored) like cherries or berries. Added to that, fruit juice is often high in sugar, which acts as a breeding site for bacteria in your mouth further leading to more dental damage and staining your teeth.

  1. Lemon

Hot water with lemon after waking up from bed has become a popular diet drink with celebrities. Sadly, citrus fruits as lemon or lime are extremely acidic and can erode the upper coating i.e. enamel on your teeth- in turn, exposing yellow dentin tissue below. The only solution, avoid acidic drinks. Have warm water instead.

  1. Grapes


When you know, wine turns your smile dark, then you better understand that its prime ingredient does the same. Grapes are heavily pigmented fruits and cause staining when frequently eaten. So, do not forget to brush your teeth after eating grapes.

  1. Gatorade

Scientific research suggest that sports drinks are much more harmful to your teeth than sodas. Scientists from New York University found that heavy consumption of these types of drinks weaken the tissues in your teeth because of the combination of acidic substances, sugars, and other components.

  1. Popsicles


Popsicles contain lesser calories than other desserts, but their high sugar and fruit juice content will undoubtedly stain your teeth. A suggestion could be that instead, chew sugarless gum to enhance your saliva production, which will surely help you to neutralize and fight the acid attacks.

  1. Balsamic Vinegar and Soy Sauce

Salads are enormously healthy but that balsamic does numbers on your teeth. Not only is balsamic dark in color, but also it is sticky and will stick on to your teeth, which can lead to staining if it’s not brushed away right after eating. So, kindly avoid too much soy sauce, because it stains and contains high amount if sodium as well.









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