Should you forgive your partner?

To forgive or not to forgive?


Has he cheated on you? But you have wasted so much time and energy on this relationship you can’t let go? All the love and attachment is still holding you back? Here’s why you need to let him go.


Being in a relationship and getting cheated on by your significant half is one of the worst and most painful things that one has to go through. But some people are too weak and they end up taking them back. It is a vicious cycle.

Following are the few vital reasons why you must never take back the person who has once betrayed your trust. If you’re not convinced by now, after going through this article, you will be.


You are handing them over the opportunity to cheat again

Once you take him back, you are handing him over the freedom to cheat on you again. This time, he will just be a little more careful. No matter how many times he reassures you he won’t, he knows if you are not leaving him now, you are most likely to forgive him the next time he screws you over.

When do take him back, don’t be surprised if he repeats his mistakes all over again. And who knows if you’ll even find out the next time he does it.

Don’t be fooled by people like that, don’t let them take advantage of your trust.


Trust once broken remains broken

To forgive or not to forgive?

Your entire relationship is based upon trust. Say your significant half cheats on you and you forgive them. You continue as if everything is back to normal, but there’s always going to be that thought of him cheating on you again at the back of your mind, bothering you.

Try as hard as you want to, to convince yourself you trust him again but once your trust is broken, it takes a long time to revive faith in the same person again. You might feel like you have regained that trust, but you’re always going to remain somewhat suspicious towards your man’s moves, always alert. You may be able to glue the fragments back together, but it will never be the same again.


He has been with another woman

Isn’t the thought of your man being intimate with another woman repulsive enough? He has whispered pretty things into her ears, as he has done to you, touched her as sensually as he usually feels you, lain with her and done all the things you two do. You are constantly filling up the gaps in your head and comparing yourself with that other woman.  Even if you do take him back, the image of them together will still continue to haunt you.


It’s not true love if he still desires other women

I know most of you are already saying, ‘No, that’s not true. If he has only cheated on me once, it can be forgiven. Doesn’t mean he never truly loved me.’ But wait right there. How do you know he has cheated only once? Some people are really good at hiding things.

And if your man, in spite of being head over heels for you, is still getting intimate with other women, how can you still believe it’s love? The desire to be with another woman will never cross his mind if he is honestly into you. Because he’d be scared more of losing you than wanting to be with other women.


Love yourself

To forgive or not to forgive?

‘We accept the love we think we deserve.’ But that shouldn’t be so.

Don’t even dare to believe that your cheating man is the best you can do. If he has betrayed your trust and loyalty, you clearly deserve better.

You are worthy of so much more than a disloyal, aloof person who does not respect and love you enough to be faithful to you. He is not the one. Wait for the right man.

A man who will know you in-and-out and still love you with all his heart.  Never will he ever gamble on you to be with another female.

And believe me, your man is lurking in some corner of the world, waiting for you to arrive so he can ambush you!

Till then, live, laugh and love yourself. Here’s how you should spend your ‘me’ time!

Love YOURSELF enough to let go of that dishonest jerk.