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I am 18. I got an iud around March of last year and had it removed around January of this year. After that, my husband and I immediately started trying to get pregnant. We went 5 months with no luck so I gave up and stopped taking pregnancy tests. (My grandmother had severe fertility issues and had too many miscarriages to count so I gave up)

Usually my period has been 3-4 days of light to medium flow (I usually don’t even have to wear a pad) and manageable cramping.

This month my period came early. It started with 3 days of severe cramping and then the bleeding started. The bleeding started off brown and medium flow and then quickly became bright red and a extremely heavy flow. There are also ALOT of clots coming out too. The cramps have become so severe that pain meds don’t help and I’m having back pains as well.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? I have had a few stressful events going on recently but I don’t see how they could effect my period like this?
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