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My boyfriend told me that he is scared that he might leave me in the future. He says that he s not ready for a relationship. Even after giving time he is in the same stand. So I decided to break up with him. But he is not ready to let me go. He wants to me wait without expecting him to change. He says that he will miss me and regret his actions badly. I can't let go of him too. But my gut intuitions tell me that staying with him is like allowing him to use me as long as he wants. I am confused. Wat am I supposed to do now??
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If you both can't let go of each other. Stay together for some time. And see if he changes his stand.
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My suggestion will be.. person in love don't have to think separation. if anybody do that , yes there is fear inside him. Which troubling him.... You  can ask him reason? It should be valid reason. If he ans you some Silly or bakwas reason then he want someone to entertainment till he don't get another one.  If he is hiding something which big serious ,then you should secure him with your trust , m with u in all fights..

Best of luck dear
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