4 Rules to remember if you are friends with benefits with someone!


Having a friend with whom you have an intimate relationship is so much simpler than a real relationship. “Really? Things are obviously not as simple … In fact, in real life, this sentence is only part of many urban legends that almost fantastic American comedies would have us swallow (do not be fooled!).

Nevertheless, there are some exceptions in the crash-sex friendship. What is the secret of those women who manage to maintain this open and friendly relationship? Answer: they apply ALL the rules listed below.


  • You may consider having a friend with benefits if you feel good in your life 

Having a sex friend, it’s a bit like eating a chili. Some love it, others take fire at the slightest bite. Spread the word: having a sex friend can make you the same effect as pepper sprinkled raw on your heart because that relationship involves many risks …

So before embarking, one wonders why we want a sex friend. If the answer is “Because I feel lonelyyyyyyy” you know, it will end like this.

However, if it is: “I want a sex friend because I want to have fun and I have absolutely no need for attachment or to have only comfort and stay fun and feel free “, then you’ll look like that.


  • You may consider a friend with benefits if you do not want to fall in love

Rules for friends with benefits to remember

All we know that the greatest risk, with a sex friend is to fall in love, which would give us the impression we burn with chilli (or to hit a wall, choose the metaphor that you appropriate).

On second thought, as we understand that having a sex friend, free space of our love interest and our desire is restricted, and look at much less other men, risking to go well alongside other stories.

You do not care? You absolutely do not want a boyfriend and you have an overwhelming urge to devour life? Romantic and cute texting restaurants you prefer the freedom to adopt radio silence between your gym sessions and to have obligation to meet his relatives / friends / neighbors / dogs?

In fact, for now, you want to think that you and your projects, and your friends, and you ESPECIALLY NOT take the lead with a man (just take your foot …). Then we can try the sex friend (with whom it will look like that).


  • You may consider a friend with benefits  if you choose THE good sex friend 

All right, now you are safe: a sex friend, this is exactly what you need! Ok, so now next steps: we must choose him WELL.

To be avoided: a man can you can fall in love with (100% likely to end in tears), the guy who can fall in love with you (200% chance to throw a big tantrum), a former boyfriend who has not digested break-up (984,575% chance of ending up in rush full of ice jars).

To be chosen: a sexy ex with whom everything is clear (100% chance that you have a great complicity and respect towards each other), a man with whom one feels comfortable (200% chance of being beautiful and being sexually comfortable with him) and that excites us fully (984 575% chance to take his foot – and feel liberated enough to try new things ….)


  • You may consider  friends with benefits when things are clear

Rules for friends with benefits to remember

All right, you’ve found your ideal sex friend? Now, to avoid misunderstanding, put the record straight with him. Ask him:  “What if we became sex friend?”

He said “yes”? Congratulations! Once you’ve agreed, you behave as such, without feeling guilty. No need to send any cute text messages, no need to make two trips, no need to make gifts … It is limited to what why they chose: and speak little and do a lot of somersaults.


The advantages:

All right, you have everything you need right now? So enjoy now!  And in secret like that, it will not make this non-relationship too real. It will be your little trick between you (and your best pals obviously), which will make it even more exciting… And above all, it disconnects the brain. After all, if things are clear from the beginning, it may not pleasantly surprised, right?



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