Fruit Diet: Not as healthy as you think!

Fruit Diet: Not as healthy as you think!

A lot of people watch a lot of videos about diets and it is a general impression that, if you want to diet you should stick to fruits and vegetables. The reality of the same is quite different though. Fruits are very nutritious but, to say that they help you with weight loss is not exactly true.


The reason behind that is simple. Sugar. Fruit Sugar.

Fruits have sugar. While that sugar is good for you, they might not always help with weight loss. If you eat fruits and take in the same amount of calories as normal food, it’s the same.
Most people would prefer a fresh glass of juice over a whole fruit. That is taking away all the good parts of the fruit, which are mostly in the husk. What you are drinking then is pure sugar. While I am not saying that having fruits is a bad idea, what I am saying is that not all fruits are healthy and you need to be careful about which ones you eat.

Let’s go over some commonly eaten fruits in India and see how many calories they have.


The logic

Fruit Diet: Not as healthy as you think!

A normal sized banana has 94 kcal, which is roughly equivalent to having two chappatis. If you are having a banana for breakfast that is a good idea. But, if you are making a banana honey smoothie with milk that is an entire meal in a glass, in terms of calories.

1 cup of grapes is 82 kcal, which is a lot of calories because, let’s face it no one ever stops at just 5 grapes. You will probably end up eating a branch. This kind of diet is almost equal to what you would normally eat for breakfast.

Similarly, one orange is about 83 kcal, while 1 cup of pineapple is roughly 90 kcals. One single wedge of a watermelon is 92 kcals and will probably bloat you up with water as well.
A normal size pear is almost 80 kcals, while a cup of pitted dates is a whopping 490 kcals. That is almost equivalent to two meals.

The crux is that while fruits are almost always a healthier option because of the nutrients and vitamins in them, they are not the solution to weight loss.

There are some fruits and vegetables which can also help you speed up the weight loss, the trick is to know which ones they are. Lemons are just 17 kcals but, once consumed they help burn fat faster by boosting your metabolism. It is highly advised by all nutritionists worldwide unanimously to have lemon water daily. You can have it cold or you can have it in warm water as well to help you clear your system. Guavas and raspberries are great for boosting your metabolism as well.

If you keep in mind what fruits and vegetables you are having you can target your weight loss program properly. Wish You A Happy Weight Loss!



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