Fun ways to spend your Christmas alone! 


OMG! It’s Christmas! People have been preparing for months, shopping, decorating, readying meals, stacking gifts under a glittering Xmas tree, eating plum cakes and puddings and doing exciting things. What about you? Are you ignoring the happiness of this beautiful festival like so many others? No gifts? No greetings? No Xmas tree? No meals? No shopping? Feels kinda lonely right!? Worry not, although you are alone and lonely, you can enjoy every minute of this great day! Here’s something you can do.

Stay indoors 

All of us are not lucky to get a good six-ten hours sleep during the day. It’s cold and chilled outside! You can curl up in your sofa with a book or hide under a warm blanket and relax. While the world is laughing and singing, you can dream peacefully.

Treat yourself

Remember how you wanted to try out a recipe but could never get around making it due to lack time? Now that you can, take advantage of your luxurious time and treat yourself. Make yourself feel special. Belt down some cheese and wine and enjoy a fine dine. Call over a friend if you want to. You can alsosavour a box of chocolates all alone!

It’s time for hobby

What’s your hobby? Maybe painting or singing or reading or dancing or cooking or knitting. Whatever it is, it’s time to give some time to your hobbies. Watch your favourite movies or tv series with a bucket of ice cream or make some tea or hot cocoa or something soothing and comforting and get wrapped up in something warm and watch them. You can cocoon up on your sofa or your arm chair and enjoy a romantic novel. And oh! You can blast your speakers until it makes you deaf and dance like never before!

Travel to unknown locations 

If you’re a big fan of scenic beauties, you can take the next flight to some unknown destination and talk with nature. No one between you and the miles of mysterious places. It will give you time to reflect on life and discover yourself. If not abroad, you can visit your garden or someplace nearby and feel the freedom.

Groom yourself 

A steamy bath or a spa won’t hurt. In fact, it will calm you down and your mind and make you feel fresh. You can try out a DIY nail art or a waterfall braid at home! You can also try out the dress and lipstick you brought but never wore.


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Alisha is a journalist from Mumbai. She is a self learner and an voracious reader. Writing and listening to music will never bore her!