The Future is Female: Empowering women through social justice!


“There’s something about a woman with a loud mind that sits in silence, smiling knowing that she can crush you with the truth.”


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Empowering women in its simplest form essentially focuses in the making of an environment where women can protest and access their deserved moral upright, equal and expanded opportunity- positioned dignity as citizens, where they can take absolute, autonomous decisions in their particular capacities as well as be reformed as sincere equals in society. There is no disacknowledging the fact that women today have made a respectable progress but yet they still have to hassle against many hindrances and social catastrophe in the male dictated society. Many destructive and masculine enforcement still overrules in the contemporary society that prevents or rather restricts the progressing pace of the women community in general. Women Empowerment therefore, usually states that there should be no partiality between men and women, because women should know their elementary and foundational standing as well as their and social rights. Women empowerment does not necessarily mean immortalizing women, rather it basically concentrates on substituting patriarchy with parallelism.




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Women occupy little less than the overall fraction of state’s populace. They engage in household chores, bestow care and concern and protection to children and also present at this moment in both institutional and corporate worlds. However, we must also remember women in the country have been also been discomforting themselves commonly in social and economic specifications. They have been treated as inferior in a lot of ways, emulating lower literacy quota, economic credence, and poor nutritional standing. Many a time they are the prey of assault, cruelty, disorder, sexual abuse etc.


Some important aspects to be looked after are


. Rape and sexual violation.

. Domestic bestiality.

. Sexual nuisance in the organizations as well as educational institutions

. Matrimonial argument, custodianship and separation.

. Women’s assets and heritage rights.

. Pre-birth sex appropriation and abortion of female fetuses

. Trafficking for profitable sexual corruption, submissive labor, marriage

.  Forceful child marriage.

. Child sexual exploitation and wrongdoing.

. Victims of acid attack every now and then.

.  Occurrence of innocent deaths caused by addressing few women as witch.


The need and obligation for social justice therefore arises in order to give priority to safety of women and their rights and gender equivalence. Social justice is not ordinarily about being gratifying or desirable. Rather the entire notion of social justice instills an immediate and compulsory proposal for achieving the fundamental upright of women aligned concerns and affairs. It is for this reason that social justice has become a policy and bulletin of greatest importance to the governments. Women need to be empowered with regard to polite society both ethnically and economically so that they become adequate coworker in development process by walking the path of inherent social justice.




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Women empowerment cannot be accessible until and unless women show up confidence, support and cooperation to self-empower themselves. There is the urgency to forge and draft issues marking down feminized poverty and starvation, promoting disciplinary literacy and impediment and withdrawal of violence and struggle against women. Hence, the government has set up a national policy solely for women for benefitting themselves without further hindrances.


They are as follows: –


. To contribute in bringing about refinement in social prejudice, mindset and perspectives.


. Women’s education is no longer neglected or sidelined. Instead it enhances a universal connotation for upbringing the lost education and literacy rate amongst the female community.


.  It imposes strict laws in opposition to antisocial behavior against women like rapes, kidnapping and seduction, suffering, subdued violence and dowry interwoven offences.


. Micro- credit for women for empowering preeminent capabilities, free will and independence in decision making, purchasing of property and social and bureaucratic alertness.


.  Formulation of a state embassy or power of attorney for women for accomplishing developmental processes.


.  lastly, safeguarding women’s reconciliation in all decision making processes and restoring their holding power to arbitrate.




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The violation of women’s rights through substantial, emotive and sexual turbulence against women has become a common topic of discussion. Violence against women has taken exceptionally critical forms in situations where populations by the time mentioned has already marginalized, distressed by armed collision and areas experiencing mass shift. There is therefore an urgent need for the judiciary to understand and discuss the exact and circumstantial framework of violence imposed with reference to women who are over and over again marginalized by caste, sex, creed, class, religion or in positional competition. The women’s social justice enterprise and ambition therefore, is the involvement of governmental chain of lawyers and social revolutionary, accepting the law and canon to protest all forms of gender based injustice and violence against women and to expand women’s avenue to the justice systematization as an integral apparatus to their empowerment.


. An important countenance of social justice is the support of gender equality. It depicts a society in which women and men appreciate the same opportunities, aftermath, rights and commitments in all sectors of life.


. Empowering social justice in terms of education certifies proficiency and self confidence crucial to take part in the full-fledged activity of development formation. It means making women attentive of their rights and establishing a firmness to counterclaim them.


. A socio economic and occupational justice implies a more appropriate aspect of material life by way of sustainable resources and income retained and managed by women. It means diminishing or rather lessening their monetary reliance on their male analogues by making them an important constituent of the human resourcefulness.


. A legalized social justice conveys the furnishing of a productive judicial network which is contributory and assistant of women empowerment. It means consigning the discontinuity between what the law exemplifies and what in reality appears.


.  Socio-political justice means the existence of a political system favoring the participation and dominion by women in the political decision shaping channels as well as in administration and patronage.


. The frame of reference of social justice concerns not only the prohibition of distinguishing forms of violence and unfairness against women but also embodies and incorporates all additional rights in general.


. Social justice for women monopolizes in binding controversies in the high courts and supreme courts respectively for regulated and proficient improvement as well as the enrollment of management stratagem and women’s appropriate legislation.


Improving or rather appreciating women’s self esteem and worthiness.


.  Assembling women’s ability through an introduction of social and development revenue by means of a proper coaching.


. Operation of diversebylaws for safeguarding women/children’s emancipation and administering a stump of equality in general public is another way of ensuing social justice.


. To confirm that women get due importance in reinforcement mechanism, women specific strategy, outlines and projects are executed by various departments through Women fundamental plans.


.  The social justice of women ensures the setting up of an ambience of communal and state women’s authority for reassuring and supporting women’s self-help assemblage.


.   To ensure social justice laws enveloping rights of women and children have been undertaken by the government with regard to distinct committed proposals such as pensions for poor widows, shelter for women, admittance of mother’s name compulsory in school affidavit etc.





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Today women are boldly participating in all important sectors such as sports, media, education, science and technology. Fear still prevails within the minds of millions of females, yet they are in the path of coming out of their nutshell without shrinking back. It is true that women are still manipulated to discrimination in the social, economic and informational field but then some major landmark steps in terms of justifying women’s position have played an important role in bringing back the lost womanhood rights and ethics.

Some provisions executed under the constitutional social justice acts are as follows:


.  Equal pay for equal work under article 39(d)

. Maternity relief under article 42

. The immoral traffic prevention Act,1956

. Dowry prohibition Act, 1961

. Protection of women from domestic violence Act,2005

. Women’s reservation bill, Act 2008

. Sexual harassment of women at workplace, Act 2013

. Protection of women against violence bill, Act 2015


Be bold, be brave and fight against all the odds. A women’s tale is a voluminous book of multifaceted chapters reflecting on their struggle, followed by free will and finally to the raising of voice. Too many writers have previously attempted and still continues to write on empowering women. However, the final buzz will prevail the day the unfolding chapters of gentlewoman will conclude with a happy ending in a male dominated society with a newer vision, and greater hope. Till then we must groom ourselves within the four walls of the house for a better outlook of opinion in public and also by keeping faith in the laws for an unbiased womanish world.

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