Gadgets and gizmos – the tech savvy fashionista

Spice up your life with this must-have technology gadgets as WomenNow suggests. Heads-up, these are the gizmos which M won’t even let James Bond have!

Samsung Galaxy SIV ZoomGadgets for the tech savvy fashionista

Is it a phone? Is it a camera? Why carry hefty DSLRs to every outing or party when you Smartphone comes with a 10x zoom lens? You will never rue missing out an amazing picture ever again. You can take pictures even while you are on a call, play your favorite games, listen to your favorite music on this Android phone and instantaneously share your snaps with your friends. It is the best of both worlds!

MacBook Air

If you need a laptop that is as thin as a tab, feather-light and looks drop-dead gorgeous, go for the MacBook Air. In its latest avatar, the laptop weighs just 1.35 kgs, is mere 17mm in thickness and will be the perfect excuse to bring your work home. Of course, the envious design will have your better half vying for your attention!

Sony SmartWatch 2

Here’s a watch that doubles up as a second screen for your phone, lets you handle your calls, read e-mails, take photos and control presentations. Strap it on and you will also be able to shuffle your tracks, adjust the volume and even track your fitness with apps  on its 1.6-inch display. Even better, it is water-resistant! Time to flaunt, don’t you think?

Google Glass

This isn’t just any ordinary Clark Kent glass that you would wear to work everyday. You can record videos or take pictures on the go with just uttering a voice command. The glasses will also read your emails, text messages and you can even reply to them with voice commands. Heading off-shores for a trip? The glasses will play as your personal translator, deciphering the foreign language for you. Guten tag!

Share your new-found love for gadgets with your man, or gift him these and woo him!