Gemini Love Horoscope For 2016!

Dear Geminis, A Very Happy Birthday to all of you!

This year has great prospects for you on the love front. You will feel very focused and motivated with regard to your relationships. Some important future decisions are awaiting you and each month will offer some sort of a turning point.


This month, handling your relationships will be easier. May opened up opportunities whose benefits you will be reaping now. Be prepared to have fun with the love of your life! You will notice that people will be admiring you more than ever before. Your charming self will be on full display, however, be careful as this could also make things difficult in case you are a social butterfly. Try and settle your mind on the fact that you will utilize your seductive qualities for good and won’t direct them towards inflicting harm either to yourself or others in the long run. This is to be stressed upon as your sign tends to have a dicey character.


This will be a more emotionally controlled month of the year. You will find yourself calmer. You will try and keep yourself confined to the comforts of your home. Even the guy who seemed ‘not-your-type’ all this time, might suddenly appear interesting. If you are still single, you might just come across the ‘right’ man who could look after your needs. You will also find yourself better- abled in communicating your issues to your partner. If you already like someone, but haven’t had the chance to interact yet, this will be the best time to make your move.


You will be in a better position to communicate with those in your family. Enjoy the harmony that your family members will share with you. If you are in a live-in relationship, you could decide on taking things a notch higher. In case your partner and you are planning on having a baby, this seems like the best time. However, the end of the month might bring in misunderstandings. So, watch out!



Things might seem troubled with your family members. There are possibilities of confusions brewing. However, your present relationship might be elevated and you are likelier to receive greater appreciation from your partner. If you have been single all this time, you could start dating someone you have been recently interested in. You could initiate something more creative in your relationship to give it a newer life. You will also find yourself in a position where you will be attracting prospects; even better, you will enjoy an upper hand with regard to your choices. New relationships at this time of the year are more likely to work for long. So, have all the fun you can this month!


You find yourself even more engrossed in your relationship. You partner is more likely to expect a jealous or possessive side to your nature this month. Your passions are likelier to heighten. Around the first week, you might feel drawn towards someone already at the professional end. You will be turned on by someone with integrity and respect, even better, someone at the commanding heights of an organisation. You will find yourself attracting powerful men like a magnet although you need to be careful about romance at your workplace.


At the start of this year, you have struggled and grown up on many grounds. This month, will be filled with a lot more love and care. The question of finally settling down will loom large in your mind given the fact that your relationships will be even more stable than ever before. Those in a relationship already will experience greater cooperation and harmony with their partners. You might attract marriage proposals by the end of this month.


The intensity of your romance will strengthen. Those things yet to be explored, which you haven’t given your inhibitions all this time, will finally be experienced. You will emerge out stronger this month which may not be easily acceptable to those with a weak heart. Things will evolve for the better in the coming year, even if they appear scary initially. You will feel sexier and hence, your relationship will experience a new surge of emotions.

Make the most of this year, Geminis! :*

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