Gemini Man and Aries Woman: Love Compatibility

The Ram and the Fish get along really well. Which is surprising given that they live in separate worlds. But that is the beauty of falling in love, isn’t it? When it doesn’t matter where you are or who you are? This magic is what keeps these two together. And when you look at them, they will seem like the perfect couple. And they are. They get along so well. They have similar interests. But no couple is perfect. Sometimes too much happiness can blind you to the problems that are developing in the shadows. But it’s nothing that these two can’t work out. Want to know how to make the Aries – Gemini pairing work? Here’s all you need to know!!

gemini aries compatibility

Do Geminis and Aries Make a Good Match?

The Gemini and Aries relationship is influenced by the 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern vibrations. This pattern presents a picture of optimism and rare moments of sensitivity and hidden insecurities. This also encourages friendly and good communicative vibrations between the couple. Both the Gemini Male and the Aries female are idealists. They love to be the part of a just cause. Their shared talents for creative, persistent salesmanship, make them a dynamic duo. When they sink their energies together, the can perform fantastic feats of ingenuity. The emotional energy of the Aries female and the mental energy of the Gemini male, when combined, makes them capable of doing anything they set their minds to.

However, maturity of thought seldom supports their mutual endeavours. Which is why, despite their exceptional personalities, they fail to achieve great heights. This lack of maturity can also become the bane of their relationship. But they find in each other the person they were looking for. Their association increases their mutual need for independence. They never let social convention hold them back. This couple is busy in their own world. Perfecting their Camelot and not caring about what the world has to say.

Why Are Aries Attracted to Gemini?

 Why Are Aries Attracted to Gemini?

 So, what attracts them to each other? Why is the Gemini man attracted to the Aries woman? And vice versa. Well, initially they are pulled together by the magnetic attraction between their carefree natures. Everyone around them is telling them to change their ways. Everyone around them is so worried about what is to come. But when they find another person who likes to live in the moment, the attraction cannot be helped. Both of them move at a fast pace. So, it’s no surprise that they trust each other from the first meeting. Both are straightforward and show little restraint. This similarity in character brings them together.

This is a couple which can fall in love at first sight.  There is just so much similarity in thought between these two. The 3-11 Sun Sign pattern vibrates an instantaneous trust for each other. They know by an astrological connection that they have met their match. His natural charm and glibness keep her Mars vanity and ego appeased. She wouldn’t be able to find a single fault in him. Even if she tries. And he would be surprised at finding a woman who was so strong and still manages to charm. A genuine friendship forms the foundation for empathy from the first hello. So, even if they end up going their separate ways, there still remains a strong friendship.

Aries Woman – Gemini Man Relationship Problems

There is not a lot that causes trouble between these two. But if left unaddressed, it might drive them apart. There are not two but 4 people in this relationship, whose personalities clash sometimes. At first glance, there is the Aries woman and the dual personality of the Gemini man. The man he is and the man he would like to be. And he often switches between these two. Then you take the Mars ego in her into consideration and you get four people. When you have 4 distinct personalities in a mix, they are bound to lock horns.

Jealousy will be a problematic issue for separate reasons. She thinks of controlled jealousy as a form of expressing love. He rarely gets jealous. On the other hand, she gets jealous very easily. And he looks at it as an encroachment of his freedom. His lack of punctuality will be an issue of contention. You are probably laughing at the Aries woman right now. What does she care about punctuality? She is always late. But if one thing we hate, it is the taste of our own medicine. And however bad you think she is with time, he is worse.

But the most important cause of disharmony would be his inability to give the relationship his all. The Aries does everything with all she has got in her. But because of the duality in his, the Gemini man holds back. When she realises that he is not as passionate about their relationship as she is, there will be tensions.

Are Aries Women and Gemini Men Sexually Compatible?

 aries gemini in bed

 Their sexual union is capable of giving them heavenly pleasure. He is one of the few men who will ever truly satisfy her desires. Like Linda Goodman says, “he is capable of creating the illusionary quality she associates with sex”. The Aries woman thinks of sex as this blending of souls. The pinnacle expression of love. He believes in making all of that seem true. His imagination supplies all the fantasies she needs to fulfil her dreams. He knows what it is that she expects. Creativity is not in short supply for this man. He will reaffirm in her the belief that everything that she read about the magic of intercourse was true.

Where he falls short is his airy approach to lovemaking. He can do make-believe really well. But after a while, it will be clear to her that he doesn’t look at lovemaking in as sacred a light as she does. For him, it is only a part of being in love. Not something that is a language of love. This leads to a lack of total passion from his end, which she will not be able to take. It would be helpful if he has a Fire sign in his Moon or Ascendant. Then it would be easier for him to understand her need for passion. And maybe even supply more than he does.

Can a Gemini Man marry an Aries Woman?

The marriage between these two has the potential of being extremely successful. If it gets to marriage it reflects that they have worked out the differences already. There is very little restraint in them. This makes it easy for him to verbalise his admiration. And she is consumed by the passion of the moment. None of their quarrels is ever serious. Even when they are arguing, the possibility of reconciliation is at the back of their minds. This makes it easier for them to navigate the post-argument process. They are always aware of the potential for a truce.

She is often seen as manly because of her strong and extrovert personality. But he likes all of that about her. He appreciates all her qualities which people diss as not lady-like. He was always looking for a smart and strong woman who can challenge him. He is not swayed by women who dedicate their lives to raising a family. He will treat her like his equal. This will result in her revealing to him a feminine side that no one has ever seen.

What they need to watch out for are the troubles brewing in the background. They have a childlike innocence, capable of turning unintentionally selfish, irrational and thoughtless. If either of them is not mature enough to address these issues, they can fall apart. It is advised that they take some time, every now and then, to step back and look at their marriage from a distance. To identify any problems that can ruin their happiness.

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