Gender Bias At Work Place

gender bias at work place

We all are aware about gender biasedness and each one of us at some point in our lives must have faced a problem that tailors to it. Gender biasedness is a very common thing in India and mostly, women are the ones more prone to it. Unlike the earlier times, women in India are now employed and transforming into professionals but still the work environment isn’t always in their favor, as gender prejudices are still existent in workplaces.

However, in this article we will help you tackle that biasedness at work in a few effective ways .

Unequal Pay? – Demand.

Well! This applies universally as we know that no matter which industry, women tend to get a lesser pay than men for the same work they do. One of the prime reasons for the wage inequality is lack of transparency. The companies smartly structure the wage system in such a way that the accumulation of prejudices residing inside the company is not levied out in open. The only solution to this is that women shouldn’t be hesitant to demand more pay. If they feel they deserve a hike, then they should know that they have every right to ask for a raise.


Playing Secondary Roles? – Make your presence felt.

Often there is a tendency to cast women to play subordinate and lesser important roles. This is because the bosses are stereotypical and possess a mindset that holds  women incapable of performing or delivering at administrative work and and that they aren’t suitable for the negotiations with clients. This indeed isn’t true!

Today’s women are educated and highly efficient. Therefore, categorizing women as clerically unskilled is a sign of discrimination. What should be done is that women need to be proactive in meetings and discussions and clearly indicate what they are looking for in the job. The bosses must get to know their capabilities and priorities instead of remaining captive in ambiguity.


Labeled Emotionally Unstable? – Never believe them.

Gender Bias At Work Place

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It is a common sight that a female boss’s anger is always tagged with incompetency and instability. On the contrary, a male boss’s anger is calculated as just. This is because male leaders are perceived as the adept gender for management and leadership. This biasedness should not affect your working styles if you are able to pull out the desired results. A woman does not need to adopt the behavioral pattern of a male boss to be accepted by the lot, as this will eventually make them uncomfortable and make them lose focus of their goals. Everybody has their own style and ways to perform an activity; therefore, there is no need to be apprehensive in embracing it.


These are some of the effective steps that you can apply at your workplace to outshine and  take charge of the rough situations.



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