Get all medical tests done before marriage: A short film!

It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. For the same reason, it is really safe and important to get done all medical tests, especially blood tests, before marriage because a shock prior to marriage is tolerable than the after marriage trauma if anything goes wrong medically.

Get all medical tests done before marriage: A short film!

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The percentage of divorcé is getting increased almost every year in India, and in these unsuccessful marriages, medical fitness is playing often the role of villain triggering marital disputes.


The film “Why It’s Important to Get All Medical Tests Done before Marriage?”

The short film “Why It’s Important to Get All Medical Tests Done before Marriage” is a real picture of social necessity where an important social question has been raised and answered nicely.  The plot of the movie deals with a situation where a lady just before 20 days of her marriage is going to meet her world-be-husband and requests him to get all blood tests done to secure their marriage from medical ground. She clearly expresses her opinion to her fiancé that more than matching horoscope’s astral compatibility, she prefers to match medical competency of them as a couple for their happy nuptial life. The would-be-groom showed his annoyance on the proposal at first instance, but ultimately he could realize the importance of medical consent: he could realize that these medical tests will keep their marital life fulfilling and blessed. The movie ends with a happy note.


Why pre-marital medical tests are avoided?

Adjudging physical and medical compatibility is really an important point for enjoying a healthy marital life and related family planning. It is important to know the blood groups; it important to get health scanning done to be sure about zero-sensitivity of sexual diseases like HIV, Syphilis, or other infections, as well as complete fitness from genetic diseases like thalassemia, etc., which can make the ensuing marital life complicated and unfulfilling. Nowadays doctors recommend that it is better to judge the compatibility before marriage. There can be preliminary shock of disapproval if any anomaly gets detected, but two lives and two families’ prestige will get saved because an Indian marriage is more a social bonding than only personal relationship.


How the tests can help in marriage?

Get all medical tests done before marriage: A short film!

It is important to know the health-related and sexual competencies of the both the partners before getting married, which can be investigated best by doing medical tests. In some cases guardians overlook the need; in some cases would-be-spouses get hesitant to raise the issue in apprehension of getting their marriage divulged, or in some cases, they prefer to stay ignorant consciously avoiding the stake. But this is not only risky, this is sheer ignorance and act of irresponsibility for self!


How to act responsibly?

A blissful marriage is a long way to go for two healthy adults and there has to be compatibility in both emotional and sexual parameters to make a marital relationship completely rewarding. In Indian society still physical compatibility and medical fitness of both bride and groom is overlooked, sometimes for the sake of family trust and sometime for the fear of rejection in marriage. However, it is high time to forget the taboo and to accept the necessity of health and fitness for enjoying a satisfying marriage.


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Self-help is the best help

Get all medical tests done before marriage: A short film!

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Premarital medical tests are a necessity these days. No matter if guardians are not taking initiative, consenting would-be-couples should get proactive to get the medical investigation done properly. After all, it is the question of their conjugal life and the first step for creating a healthy happy family with healthy kids in future, which starts for medical compatibility tests’ result.

Let’s take a vow now that no marriage should be solemnized in India henceforth without medical tests as recommended by a professional doctor. Let’s start making the foundation of blissful marriage, happy society, and a healthy India in the days ahead.



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