Get Ready to a Date with a Russian Woman with Our Simple Tips!

What to do to the first date with a Russian woman is not the last? How to behave, how not to do stupid things, how to impress? There are answers! Behave yourself naturally, be courageous and charismatic and… listen carefully to our advice. Your first date can have at least two finals. Either you fall in love with each other and get married in a few years. You have a bunch of children (enough for a football team). You will live long, happy life and die as in a fairy tale, in one day… Or you will disperse to never come across to each other’s eyes again. The outcome is largely up to you. So read our tips on planning a meeting with a Russian woman:

Get Ready to a Date with a Russian Woman with Our Simple Tips!



The girl must understand where she is going and why she is going,

she should understand that you have feelings for her, and not just want to play bowling or go to the cinema. If you did not disclose your intentions at the very beginning of the journey, then you have a great chance to be in the friend zone forever. In our opinion, it is better to get a refusal than to be “just a friend” to the girl you love. In addition, you should be honest because we knew such guys who invited girls to date, and they (girlfriends) until the last moment do not understand where they got. Relations after this become more than cool, you understand.


By the way, it is at the invitation stage when it’s best to give flowers to a Russian girl.

There are two important reasons for this: 1) when you give flowers on the date, you should drag the bouquet wherever you go, which reduces your ability to communicate, gesticulation (if she drags it, it will also be uncomfortable for her); 2) You can order the delivery of flowers, placing a note in the bouquet with an invitation – it’s conservative but romantic. Such things say that you are not just a Casa nova, you are serious.This removes ambiguity. Russian girls adore such gestures.



Money is an important element in preparing for a date wherever you go.

Even if you paid the restaurant in advance and took, as you thought, the right amount of bucks, then a little bit more. The bill can be higher, and you can get into an awkward situation when the girl will be embarrassed to get out of her purse bills to pay for a barely familiar guy. It is possible that we are just people of the old school, but it seems to us that such things should be understood.


Defined in advance with the route.

Just determine the place in advance. Spontaneous decisions are good, but not for dates. The girl, in fact, will also prepare for it and your crazy twists and turns at 180 degrees may seem terrible, at least because she will feel awkward in an elite restaurant, wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Also remember a thing that a romantic mood can be created not only at expensive restaurants but also in nature. A good assistant in this matter will be music, but it should be chosen wisely. Do not rely on the tastes of a girlfriend and do not rely on your musical taste – not all girls like black metal. Choose the time-tested performers that sounded in the snottiest moments of Hollywood movies.


Dress the best that you have.

A date is an important moment in the relationship between two people, almost like a wedding and a joint viewing of the first season of “Game of Thrones”. And a girl will prepare for it especially: put on the best shoes and dress, make a manicure, hair, sprinkle her body with her best perfume. She will wait for you to appreciate her efforts. And if at that moment you come in your Adidas sports suit and a leaky cap, then she will not see a brutal man, but a man who did not prepare to date her. You also need to put on the best clothes in your wardrobe. Something, probably, it is necessary to buy. But the company of a Russian girl is worth every effort and money.