Get rid off negativity and self-doubt with nootropics

Self-doubt is commonly caused by overthinking, stress, and anxiety.

We always think that we can’t do it, or we can’t do better because there are a lot of things that are going with our mind, we are preoccupied and we can’t think clearly because of this, hence we are becoming negative and we’re starting to have self-doubt as we don’t trust our own decision and this is where we start having depression, anxiety, stress and different mental illness.

Have you noticed that having a clear mind often results in becoming more positive and being productive? Little do we know that regular exercise will make your mind clear and running, also a proper diet and a good nootropics supplement will make yourself better. To find out the best and safest nootropics click here.


Let’s start with being focused and productive.

Yes, when we exercise, our mind is also running in good condition, but some people before exercising make a pre-workout exercise to prepare muscles and body.

Just like taking nootropics before certain tasks or in the morning, it makes your mind clear and focus which results in being productive all day.


Most often, people use nootropics to help them cope up with their stress or any negative thoughts.


One good example is noopept, it is being compared with piracetam. Noopept is a fast-acting supplement, it can take effect just 15-20 minutes after taking it. It is one of the most popular nootropics nowadays. People claim that noopept can balance the mood thus it is being used for people who are very stressed, experiencing depression, having problems with their sleep and even helps with memory and learning.


How can nootropics help?

Let’s start with the key or main benefits of nootropics. It is mainly for the brain, which includes memory, motivation, creativity and many more. Memory is a big factor in being productive as well as motivation. It helps a person to keep the focus on what they are doing, they are in a good state of mind so stress and or what we say deadline won’t hinder them for anything they are doing. Memory problems usually occur when a person is ageing or stressed. Having so much workload, or thinking too much can affect it, same with motivation. Brain Boosters are usually taken when you are experiencing these kinds of stuff.


There is a nootropic that is known for memory and learning, and it is Uridine. It is another type of nootropic which has a lot of benefits. Before starting on the benefits, what is Uridine? It is basically an RNA component which helps with the protein transmission. It helps increase the dopamine (acts as a neurotransmitter) which sends a signal to our brain and is known as the happy hormone.


It may help alleviate mood, promote good sleep quality, also might help with pain management or mitochondrial function and most of all, it may support the cognitive function. Some people combine Alpha GPC and Uridine as both of this has a good effect on the dopamine which helps for better mood, focus and motivation.


Also, creativity can help you function better.  

It is like negativity, you are doubting yourself because you know you can’t do it or you can’t do so much better, but if you have the help of nootropics, it might improve your brain performance and  convince you that you can do whatever the mind wants.


There are a lot of nootropics that may help, usual examples are Omega-3, Bacopa Monnieri, GABA, Phenibut and Caffeine. These nootropics are famous for their benefits that are the main target is your brain or cognitive function.


Omega 3 is a fatty acid often found in foods like eggs, milk, nuts, salmon, spinach and many more. Study says that Omega-3 may help with eye health, may fight depression and anxiety, some also says that it might help with the sex hormones for both girls and boys. The recommended dosage of Omega-3 is 1-3 times a day.


Bacopa Monnieri or known as Brahmi is traditional plant medicine. It is a powerful nootropic as well. This supplement is commonly used for Alzheimer’s disease, might help with ADHD, anxiety and improve memory. Study says that Bacopa Monnieri may help increase a brain chemical that’s responsible for memory and learning. An additional benefit is it has a powerful antioxidant which can protect the cell.


GABA (Gamma aminobutyric acid) is a natural amino acid. It provides a calming effect hence this is often used for anxiety, depression, and can help balance the mood too. There are foods that contain GABA, such as kimchi and other fermented ones. It can also be linked with helping people who are experiencing insomnia.


Phenibut is very similar to GABA, it is a popular supplement that may help treat anxiety, stress and sleep. Although, this nootropic has a wider range of benefits compared to others.


Caffeine was being used by other people mostly for pre-workout as this nootropic can help alleviate mood as well and can help with the energy that the body needs.


Basically, all of the nootropics have the same targets which are for cognitive function, mood, stress and sleep.


Apart from those benefits of nootropics, what can you do to become more productive?

A little exercise, a healthy eating habit but with the help of nootropics is really good for your brain.

Also, for a good outcome and effect of nootropics, people usually stack up with other supplements as GABA goes well with Melatonin. Because GABA is mainly for the brain, it helps the brain to keep functioning and while Melatonin it helps you with your sleep-wake cycle and having a long and good amount of sleep. It usually makes you more productive as it will condition your brain and body at the same time.


Dosage for Nootropics:

The right dosage of nootropics is usually based on a person’s need, age, and lifestyle.

If you are taking other medications​​, it is best to consult your doctor first to know the right amount, type and nootropics that you can take.