How to get a slimmer waist?

How to get a slimmer waist?

If you are looking for a few inches off or you want to achieve waist like a Barbie doll, you have to work hard. While eating healthy cannot be neglected, you cannot oversee the effect of exercise either. But most important are the minor things that go unnoticed. To get an hourglass figure, take care of these.

  • Living near traffic

Traffic noise escalates your BMI. A study found out that regular exposure to traffic noise can increase the chances of a wider waistline by 29 percent. Constantly hearing traffic noise, planes and trains triggers cortisol, a hormone linked with ab fat. Traffic noise is unavoidable but you can shut it off by listening to soothing music in your headphones or plugging cotton buds in your ears.

  • Watching TV

How to get a slimmer waist?

If you want to be a couch potato, go for it. Switch on the TV, grab a packet of chips and glue yourselves on the sofa. It will widen your waist and increase fat deposits around your belly. Here, we are looking for tips to slim down the waistline so better stay away from the idiot box!

  • Diet soda lies in the danger zone

Weight conscious people think zero calorie diet soda is going to help them. They cannot be more wrong. Diet soda contain artificial sweeteners that actually increase the cravings for sweets making you eat more desserts. People who drank about a can of diet soda for an average of  nine and half years widened their waist 3.2 inches more while those who drank regular soda packed less than an inch on their waist.

  • Check your calcium intake

Low amounts of calcium in your body will be evident through your waist measurement. Food loaded with calcium such as dairy products cuts down on a type of hormone that increases fat storage. Calcium rich food can help you flatten your belly. Let high calcium food like milk, yoghurt find their way in your diet.

  • Sleep deprivation

How to get a slimmer waist?

People who don’t sleep have more fat. Lack of sound sleep increases cortisol levels. Seven to eight hours of quiet sleep will keep your waist in check. Sleeping in three to four blocks is also okay. But quality matters more than hours of sleep.

  • Mindfulness

The past is gone. Future is yet to come. Focus on the present. Those who have the ability to focus on what’s at hand have a pound of fat less on their belly. Depression and restlessness will increase the slab of fat on your waist. You can increase your focus with yoga and exercise. Take breaks while working and think positive.

  • Travelling

The longer you travel, the more is your waist. A study on 4300 workers found that those who made long trips to work had a larger waist. Now, why is that? Because people who travelled for long hours got less time to work out and ever lesser time to sleep. You can get down the train or the bus or park your car a mile from your workplace and start walking.