Getting Naked In Front Of Your Lover For The First Time? 7 Fears All Of Us Have!

Everyone says that the first time for girls is always special and that it is something that all girls fantasize about. Well, it might be true for a few but it isn’t so for all of them. Few of us girls actually fear to get naked in front of someone else. Not only girls but even guys have insecurities getting stark naked in front of girls for the first time. Some of these insecurities have to do with performance while most of them relate to their bodies.

Getting Naked In Front Of Your Lover For The First Time? 7 Fears All Of Us Have!

Getting stark naked means no high-waist pants to hide your bulging stomach, no push-up bras to make your breast look perfect and no jeans to hide your penis, nada! It is about going in your birthday suit and it definitely terrifies some people, because you see not everyone is confident with their body. It is totally normal for you to feel nervous because nothing and I mean it; nothing can prepare you enough for this. You can find yourself constantly worrying about what your partner will think. There so much to think about. You also have to worry about your pubic hair. Do you also have the same fears? Let us know what fears you have regards to this. Check out the few common fears all of us have before getting naked in front of our partners

All About The Weight

If there is one thing that all women worry about is their weight. But ladies hold on a second, a man will love you no matter how your body looks. You know what nobody has a perfect figure so get over it and instead focus on your first time together. Not all of us are bestowed with that flat stomach or a perfect butt, so what? That doesn’t matter, be confident with your body. It is the same for guys as well. Not all men have six-pack-surf-board abs and muscle and that’s nothing to worry about. It is about sex so focus on sex and not on the body.

The Pubic Hair

Getting Naked In Front Of Your Lover For The First Time? 7 Fears All Of Us Have!

This definitely has to make the list, doesn’t it? Men and women both have this fear while getting naked in front of their lovers for the first time. Whether you should keep the bush, trim it or wax it all? This is the question that might be revolving in your head. What will your partner think about your hair? Does he/ she like it or do they prefer to have a clean field? There’s no other solution than to ask it directly to your partner. But what you can do is find a middle ground. You don’t have to wax it all, just trim it to an appropriate length. If you yourself don’t like it then you can go bare down there because almost half of the population prefers seeing their partner bare down there. Just don’t go without cleaning even a bit of the bush because it is your first time and your partner would appreciate it if you put a bit of effort into it.

The Stretch Marks

To be honest, all of us have stretch marks on our body, be it a man or woman. You’ll find a very few people who don’t have the stretch marks. You don’t have anything to be ashamed of you know. Stretch marks are bound to appear on the body when you hit puberty or when you lose weight too fast or gain weight too fast. Some women also fear to get naked with their partner after their pregnancy because of the stretch marks the pregnancy has left behind. Ladies, if you are with someone who judges you or makes you feel insecure about your body just because of the stretch marks you have you should reconsider being with this person again. He doesn’t deserve you.

Some people also have cellulite. Men rarely have them but a small number of them do. It is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

The Size Of His Penis

Getting Naked In Front Of Your Lover For The First Time? 7 Fears All Of Us Have!

You have porn to blame for this. Porn has created this false image of a penis and its size in the minds of people that the population is obsessed with the size of their dick. Men do come off as all calm and collected but inside they are fretting out too. Men also worry about satisfying their partner and they do care about what their partner thinks about their penis. It is your misconception that tells you that she is laughing at your dick, absolutely not. Let us tell you something, women do like big dicks but it is not as large as you think. It is not what porn has ingrained and drilled into your minds. And as you know it is not all about looks, it is about sex. As long as you know how to satisfy her, the size doesn’t really matter.

The Vagina And Its Looks

Getting Naked In Front Of Your Lover For The First Time? 7 Fears All Of Us Have!

Just like how all the penis are not the same, even all the vaginas aren’t same. Each vagina is unique, varied and different, they even taste different. Woman themselves find their vagina’s awkward. Some of them don’t like the way they look while some doesn’t like how their inner lips aren’t that visible like others. But you don’t have to worry about it because a man will love it the way it is. He might even be fascinated by it. Stop worrying about your vagina and vulva and focus on keeping it clean.

The Boob Size

If the size factor is in question, women worry about their boob size. Just like the size of the penis, there has been a lot misconception about boobs, their appearance, and their size. When it comes to outer appearance women resort to push-up bras and padded bras to enhance their appearance, but the real problem comes when they have to reveal their actual breasts. Unlike the lingerie ads, natural breasts are rarely perfectly round. Boobs also come in different sizes and an unusual fact is that a woman doesn’t have same sized boobs most of the times. There is little variation in both the boobs. Even the nipples come in different color and shapes. Men are fascinated by boobs and you don’t have to worry so much about its size.

The Inner Battle About The Past Partners

Getting Naked In Front Of Your Lover For The First Time? 7 Fears All Of Us Have!

The comparison to ex normally tops the list in every aspect of the relationship. Stop comparing your body to the ex of your partner. Your partner is with you now not with his/ her ex. You should focus more on sex rather than thinking about your partner’s naked ex. You have already got a lot on your plate to worry about so don’t stack up this as well. You are a new piece of ass for them and you have got more chance than their ex so just erase the thought of their ex from your mind and focus on the present. Old flames are just that –old. You have got a better chance than them, just remember this.

Stop comparing your body to the ex, Instagrammers, actors and the porn stars because you are too off the mark. Don’t judge your body on the basis of the impossible standards set by the society. Each person is unique in himself. Love your body and fall in love with it. If you love yourself others will automatically love it the way it is. It is common to have the fear of getting naked for the first time but know that all of us are humans. None of us are perfect so don’t be ashamed to get naked in front of your lover.