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If ever a festival could be crowned the National Festival of India, Diwali would be the strongest contender. The festival of lights stands for so many things to all of us. At the core of it all is the joy of togetherness and the happiness of sharing and giving. Diwali truly stands for who we are as Indians. A people who believe in the victory of good over evil. People who believe that joy can be and should be shared. And what better way to spread joy than exchanging gifts. But Why do we give gifts on Diwali? Gifts are how we convey not only our best wishes but also our love and affection. Of conveying regards and hope for a better future. Even receiving these gifts is a joy which words cannot adequately describe.

We have been through so much this year. The significance of Diwali increases 10 times in these circumstances. So does the love that we want to convey to the people in our lives. The world needs as much love and support as we can offer during these troubling times. So, this Diwali let’s bring joy to more than one. A gift which will not only make your loved one happy but many more. Here’s A Gift Story that will cheer your heart and many more!

Diwali gifts 2020

A Gift Story

A Gift Story is a one-of-a-kind online store gifting venture run by the Acid Attack Survivors associated with the Chhanv Foundation. The Chhanv Foundation has been working for the upliftment and betterment of Acid Attack victims in India since 2014. The NGO soon realised that rehabilitation of an acid attack victim was not complete until they were given the tools, they need to live life their own way. And the first step towards that was giving them financial freedom. With these objectives in mind, the Sheroes Hangout Café was started in Agra.

A Gift Story is a next step in this movement to make acid attack survivors more financially independent. At A Gift Story, one can find a range of sculptures, candles, stationery, paintings, cookies and chocolates, all things that will brighten up the day of whomever they are gifted too. But the joy doesn’t end here. First and foremost, everything being sold on A Gift Story has been made by Acid Attack survivors. And secondly, all the proceeds from your purchase will serve to benefit the acid attack survivors associated with the Chhanv Foundation.

A Gift Story

The Story Behind ‘A Gift Story’

 The successful run of the Sheroes Hangout Café led to the opening of another branch in Lucknow. A venture which was helping turn lives around for the women running the scene. Despite a few run-ins here and there, Sheroes Café was turning out to be a model that can be replicated for wider reach. As things were looking up, along came COVID-19 and wreaked havoc in the Food and Travel industry. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown and the subsequent decrease in people ordering their food from a restaurant, Sheroes faced heavy losses.

The need thus arose of a business model which could sustain not only the new normal but also the Sheroes of Chhanv Foundation. And in these dark times, the idea for ‘A Gift Story‘ arose like a beacon of hope. COVID-19 has not just been a threat to our physical health but our mental health too. having stayed away from our loved ones for so long has brought about a strong desire to show love and affection whenever we can. And thus, the gifting industry became the chariot which helped us all reach out to those we love. To remind them that they were still in our thoughts and prayers. And that love was still stronger than fear.

This is what A Gift Story truly stands for. A store based on the strength and will of acid attack survivors who believe that fear is too small against their determination. This Diwali, the idea for the best gift, will be something that symbolises this sentiment. And everything that you will find at A Gift Story embodies love and hope for a better future.

diwali gifts for friends

Our Top Picks from ‘A Gift Story’ for Diwali Gifts in 2020

So, what is the best gift for Diwali at A Gift Story? Well, everything is. But to help you narrow down your search, here are our most favourite pieces straight from their website.

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1. Ganesha Planter

What gifts are given at Diwali?

Give your garden space a much-needed turnaround this festive season with this cute and innovative Ganesha planter. The planter is a perfect choice for succulents and small indoor plants and would look gorgeous placed on your office desk, showcase rack, or even in your balcony garden.

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2. Ganesha Sculpture

What should I gift a girl on Diwali?

This majestic Ganesha sculpture is a must-have this Diwali season. An elaborate process of melting and moulding the fibreglass is followed by smoothening of the edges by our survivors and the art production team. Decorate it in your house or gift it to your friends and family in authentic Diwali spirits.

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3. Cute Katori Candles (Set of 10)

What Diwali gift do you want most?

These Cute Katori candles are for special days and not so special days too. The small bowl-like shape of the candles makes it simply irresistible.

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4. Nutty Chocolate Candy Jar

What foods are eaten on Diwali?

Chocolate and nuts are a classic combination for good reason – they’re completely delectable together! We all know someone who is nutty about nuts – so why not treat them to the finest handmade nutty chocolates around

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5. Blueberry Filled Chocolate Candy Jar

What special foods are eaten on Diwali?

The goodness of berries and the richness of our handmade chocolates are one of the most versatile pairings in our confectionery range. These Blueberry Filled Chocolate Candies are one of the heartiest and most flavourful products of our bakery range.

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6. Assorted Cookies

Why are sweets eaten at Diwali?

These delectable cookies are a gift for all ages. If you don’t want to opt for mithai, this Diwali, and think chocolates are too mainstream, then you cannot go wrong with these heavenly cookies.

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7. Black Diary with Doodled Cover

corporate diwali gifts 2020

Add a hint of quirk to your office desk with our black hand doodled diary. Easy to carry and conveniently fits your purse. A wonderful gift for those friends of yours who love to save their thoughts for posterity!

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8. Van Gogh Handmade Diary

What are the best corporate gifts for employees?

A starry night on paper. Plan out your days and activities in this extremely artsy Van Gogh handmade diary. This rendition of the famous painting makes it stand out of the usual stationary collection like no other.

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