How to give the perfect love-bite?

What is a Love-Bite?

A dark-crimson blotchy mark left on any part of the body.

It’s a bite of love – an act of affection. It is not meant to be too hard and certainly not meant to hurt someone.

Sometimes we adore a person so much that we use the expression, ‘I just want to eat him/her up!’ A love-bite is a substitute for this brutal urge – where you leave your mark behind on the person you love and in the process of doing so, you devour an inch of his flesh, tasting his smell and satiating yourself.

Steps to give an ideal hickey:


Prepping your Partner

First of all, you start by prepping your partner. Discuss it if your partner is shy or hesitant, tell him or her not to get startled while you’re at it.

Begin with romantic prep-talks, dirty-talks and all kinds of discussions that are likely to turn up the heat. As soon as the mood is set, you’re good to go.


Arouse with Foreplay

How to give the perfect love bite?

Fondle, cuddle, kiss and caress. Do all the things your man/lady enjoys doing before the main round begins. Get him hard, or make her wet. With the sexual tension building, with the temperature getting hotter, with irregular breathing and hasty sensual movements – you pick the right time.


Kiss Roughly

Start kissing him/her roughly all over his/her neck and body – the desired part of the body you would like to leave a blotchy hickey on. Any person’s neck, ears or shoulders are the most sensitive and the most convenient to leave a love-bite on. Find the right spot and devour it like you devour his lips.


Suck and Nibble

How to give the perfect love bite?

That inch of his/her flesh that you are french-kissing, needs to be sucked and nibbled. Create a sort of suction or partial vacuum in your mouth, keep nibbling and biting softly and sucking the area, sporadically.

Do this for 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on how dark and long-lasting you want your hickey to be. And when you are done, MAGIC!

Your boyfriend or girlfriend has a crimson blotch of affection to flaunt!



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