Glamorous And Crazy Shoes – by Monica Singh

highA joyful Hello to you out there in India but also to our Indian community that is spread all over the world, the US, UK and everywhere else.

I am Monica Singh, the new WomenNow girl in New York City and I am very happy to write for WomenNow about everything that is fashion related and coming to my mind.

So I will keep you posted with my catches of amazing street wear, some new fashion trends featured at shows and fairs and everything else that the fashion hot spot NYC has to offer.

One important thing upfront: fashion is a very individual thing and what one person likes must not necessarily meet the taste of someone else. Same with me – it could happen that I like something that you do not like, I hope you forgive me 😉

I would be very happy if we engaged into conversations about fashion so whenever you find something in the web, on the streets, in a store, in India, Dehli Mumbai or wherever in our amazing country or just somewhere in the rest of the world – post it, comment my stuff, send it to WomenNow, send it to me to [email protected]

Whether we consider ourselves fashion friends or not, whether it is officially important for us or not – fashion or the way we dress and what we wear reflect in some way what we think and how we think. It shows somehow some about our character even though we often are not really of this as it is only “some pieces of garment” worn together.

So basically every morning we decide how we want to feel like, how we want to be perceived or just how comfortable we want to be during the day. Every morning we choose something out of our closets to choose dresses, shoes etc.

Speaking of which, I recently went to Brooklyn Museum for the Killer Heels exhibition. I have had a most amazing experience by just watching the displayed footwear and seeing some of most finest, beautiful shoes from all over the world. Entrance is $15, displayed shoes are XXXX$…. Some were produced by Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Prada, miumiu, Christian Louboutin (of course) and many designers other mesmerized the visitors and blew their minds away – for sure including mine as well.

Some of the shoes are disturbing and torturous heels from the past – how could people wear those? Anyways, these shoes show the evolution of fashion in our different cultures from the past to the present. But they also display how the definition of art and actually also architecture are interpreted in wearables like high heeled shoes.high h

Some of these shoes might surprise you because they were used to actually also modify the feet of women as part of a culture and a sign of prosperity. Other shoes were a mix of a fashion accessory and a useful widget. One example is the Japenese/ British designer Masaya Kushino. His displayed shoes are covered with the flowers of a plant whose seeds are contained in the high heel, so when you walk you mechanically plant seeds in the grounds.

I always thought that high heels shoes give a woman somehow an elegant bodyshape when standing and walking. But some of these inspirational shoes changed my assumptions completely. Basically you saw all kind of shoes – sexy ones as well as weird or funny ones were combined with “useful shoes” in this exhibition. More than  150 pairs of shoes give an insight of the variety of use of shoes and of how shoes can be perceived as – not just a piece of cloth but rather a tool that helps improve the world.
By Monica Singh

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MoniCa Singh is Fashion Designer from NIFT (New Delhi), Currently she enrolled in a Fashion Marketing degree from Parson’s New School in New York. It is her passion to bring fashion to the women who would like to establish their own style in the fashion world.Monica, as is an Acid Attack Survivor with zeitgeist in life, is also Vice-President of MakeLovenotScars, an NGO in India that works on improving the sometimes so cruel society. Further, she is a motivational speaker and gives personal guidance to women that seek her advice.