Go sweat-free with these simple hacks!


Evidently, this summer is burning hot with temperatures reaching up to 47 degree Celsius in some parts of the country. The scorching Sun seems to show no sign of mercy. One of the most embarrassing situations we face in such boiling weather is when we turn into a sweaty mess. As soon as we step out of our homes, our clothes become a pool of sweat stains. Here are simple hacks to avoid sweat related problems this summer.


Pit stains remedy


Pit-stains can be really embarrassing and are the worst. Such stains find their easy way into your panty liners, dresses, and shirts. Wear tank tops that are cut low in the armpit area. Wearing it this way will not let anyone know when you sweat. Use antiperspirants also.


Happy summer feet

Go sweat -free with these simple hacks!

Human beings have more than two lakhs sweat glands on the soles of our feet as compared to their armpits. This means that there is going to be a colossal amount of sweat flowing from your feet into your shoes. Start wearing breathable socks and also put baby powder in your shoes and feet. If not these, then you can try old coffee grounds and used green tea bags as they are really effective in absorbing bad smell.


Workout clothes way out

Go sweat -free with these simple hacks!

If you are someone who sweats out more than the regular and you have a huge distance to your office, the best thing is to wear your workout clothes while you travel. You can get into your fresh laundered office wear once you reach your office. One more alternative is to keep additional clothes with you to change it your sweating uncontrollably in the office.


The savior handkerchief

Go sweat -free with these simple hacks!

You just cannot afford stepping out of your house in this hot summer without carrying a handkerchief. Handkerchiefs are your protector if you sweat a lot. Always carry a handkerchief in your pocket or bag and dab your face whenever you feel sweaty.


Wise fabric choice

Go sweat -free with these simple hacks!

One should religiously avoid silk or polyester in the summer. Fabrics that are made for summer outings are linen and cotton. It keeps one cooler and in case you are sweating, it gets dried quickly. Buy plain white undershirts to wear during summers. Light colors absorb less heat so try avoiding dark colors like black.

These were some simple hacks which you can inculcate in your daily lives this summer to not get yourself trapped in awkward sweaty situations. Also, do not forget to tie your hair as it can be a real life savior!

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