Grandma’s secrets for a beautiful ‘You’!

Grandma’s secrets for a beautiful ‘You.’

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Approaching grandmother for getting rid of an acne may not sound something new to you. We have all done it a hundred or so times and we will continue to do it as long as possible. Her recipes for an amazing skin and long tresses works magically. Besides, the ingredients she tells us to use are cheap and always available on the kitchen counter.

Here are ten organic techniques from my Grandma that worked gloriously on me:


  • Honey for glow

Grandma’s secrets for a beautiful ‘You.’

We underestimate the power of honey. (Read: honey the ultimate healer) While my mom tells me to eat it with bread, my Grandma tells me to put it on my face. When she first suggested this, I thought she was kidding me. But trusting her, I tried it on and trust me, it gave me a golden glow!


  • Gram flour for oily skin

Grandma’s secrets for a beautiful ‘You.’

My grandmother never used soaps on her skin. Says, they are harsh and makes your skin produce more and more oil. She cleaned her face with something I did not like seeing. When I approached her, she said it is gram flour mixed with water. My inquisitiveness made me try it on and my! It made me feel wonderful.


  • Turmeric for marks

Grandma’s secrets for a beautiful ‘You.’

Turmeric has antiseptic and anti bacterial properties. It is a natural healer. I remember the times when I was hurt while playing. The cuts and bleeding was a painful thing but my mom used to apply turmeric on it and within days it healed. If you want fair and glowing skin, use a turmeric face mask once a week. It’s amazing! (Turmeric tips and tricks)


  • Potato for under eye bags

Grandma’s secrets for a beautiful ‘You.’

My grandma gave me thin potato slices when I worked late and woke up with heavy bags under my eyes.  She said if you keep those slices under your eyes for a few minutes, your dark circles will not be prominent. It also removes the puffiness of your eyes.


  • Fenugreek for healthy hair

Grandma’s secrets for a beautiful ‘You.’

I sometimes suffer hair loss and hair breakage. When I dyed my hair, they became frizzy and dry, there was no life in them. My grandma recommended me to use fenugreek seeds. Her tips always amazed me yet they worked magically. I soaked fenugreek seeds overnight and blending them the next morning, I applied it as a hair pack. The effect, I tell you, was felt in one wash. Fenugreek has hair growing nutrients in them viz. nicotine, potassium, protein and lecithin. They alleviates hair growth, prevents greying and makes them strong. (Greasy hair? Here’s the care)


  • Lemon for acne

Grandma’s secrets for a beautiful ‘You.’

When ever I was to go on a date, my bad luck cursed me. A pimple popped up the day before leaving me worried. Sometimes I used a scarf to hide it, the other times I wore big sunglasses. When my granny came to know the cause of my worry she came up with lemon.  (yes, my Grandma isn’t old school. She allows me to date men.) I resisted this formula but she persisted. In the end I had to give up and I applied what she gave me. When I saw my face in the morning, not only the pimple disappeared but my skin was glowing bright! Later I asked her the secret. She had given me just a simple mix of lemon juice and water to be applied with a cotton swab!


  • Cinnamon and beet for lips

Grandma’s secrets for a beautiful ‘You.’

I had pale and chapped lips. My grandma frowned when I didn’t take care of them. She used to give me a paste of cinnamon and Shea butter for my lips. I told her not to bother with me but deep inside, I loved her tricks. If you want luscious lips, take a minute and rub cinnamon and Shea butter mixture on your lips and wash it off. It’s great. It works better than any gloss or cream.

My grand mother died a year ago but she left a part of her with me. She tutored me to use nature in the best way. I will always use her tricks and though they are secrets, I love sharing them.



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