Green Structure Homes Works With Habitat For Humanity To Construct Homes In Madison County

Green Structure Homes, a company focused on disaster relief and rebuilding efforts decided that they would contribute a significant amount of resources to Habitat for Humanity in order to help them improve the projects that they were conducting. The company donated over $100,000 towards their efforts of building homes within Madison County. The reason for this is because of the ever-prevalent housing situation that is affecting the individuals that are living within the area. Habitat for Humanity is known for being one of the leading organizations when it comes to building a home for people in need, which is also why the company thought that the best approach towards achieving their goal was to sign up with an organization like this.

Habitat for Humanity was on a mission, not just to set up affordable housing solutions for individuals in need, but also to spread awareness about the issues that were currently being faced. The amount of people who are homeless within the state is growing with every passing year. More and more people are losing their homes as a result of natural disasters and unpredictable work conditions. These all can severely affect the lives of people, which is why it becomes important to offer them a solution that can help them get back on their feet. Habitat for Humanity and Green Structure Homes have always shared the same goal of wanting to give people a safe place that they can call home, and have managed to do so through the numerous efforts that they have taken on.

By itself, Green Structure Homes is a company that is dedicated to building the lives of people all over the country. Founded by Barbara Stokes Huntsville, AL the company is a notable name in the field of disaster relief and works as an independent contractor that helps agencies like Habitat for Humanity carry out their relief efforts. The company is dedicated to offering their clients with some of the most efficient and essential resources that are needed to build safe and strong homes for those who have lost everything.

Helping In Madison County

The reason why Madison County was the place that Green Structure Homes decided to work in was because of the disaster that was inflicted upon this area. When Hurricane Harvey hit, Madison County was one of the places that were affected the most. The area experienced heavy downpour with strong winds, causing many places to lose their outer layering, and caused many homes to collapse. The amount of devastation that the area had to face was enormous, which is why several organizations started to wonder about what could be done to help the people living here. Green Structure Homes, with the help of Barbara Stokes Huntsville AL, was able to bring forward a number of developmental plans that were beneficial for the people living here, and which could restore the area to what it was before the hurricane hit.

While the homes that are offered through this organization are not free, they are offered to individuals at an incredibly lowered cost. This cost is mainly to cover some of the basic amounts that had to be paid for the construction of the home, even though this amount is generally significantly lower as compared to the general cost of construction. This also allows Green Structure homes to continue on their quest towards helping more and more people and is something that enabled them to expand their relief efforts to more and more places that are in need of some kind of development. Through these efforts, Green Structure homes truly aim to make a difference and restore the lives of people who have been affected by disasters.



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