Guarantee Yourself a Great First Date with These 4 Top Tips

In this day and age, romance is a numbers game. With so many apps, gadgets and ways to meet new people available online, it’s important to make the most of any given first date and present the best version of yourself possible. Gotta be memorable, after all!

Here are four tips to help you give a great first impression and, most importantly, have fun on an upcoming first date.

1. Be Yourself, Be Passionate

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Whether you’re in the market for a one night stand, a fling or a more long-term arrangement, be yourself. It’s cliché advice for a reason: you want to honestly present who you are and what you like to a potential partner. No need to hide or pretend otherwise. The more authentic you are, the sooner you’ll be able to figure out if the two of you click. Say, for example, you’ve decided it’s takeaway on your date, but you need to settle on one of the hundreds of cuisines London has to offer. If you happen to prefer sushi, you’ll want to speak out when they suggest fish and chips! Veggie or vegan? Let ‘em know! Confidence is, and always will be, sexy.

2. Go Prepared

A little homework never hurt anyone. If you’re feeling anxious or nervous about an upcoming first date, put some prep time in. Have conversation topics in mind, a few interesting questions at the ready, maybe a funny anecdote on hand to break the ice. Read a cool book recently? Tell them about it. Seen the latest Marvel movie? Discuss the finer points of the acting or special effects. You may find you have so much in common that by the end of the date, you’re already hearing wedding bells. In fact, if you get really excited, you might even be tempted to make a quick phone call to get some expert insight into what’s ahead. Companies like TheCircle, for example, offer psychic readings from talented professionals, so if you really want some answers about the past, the present and the future, you know who to ask!

3. Put Your Phone Away

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Chivalry may be dead, but there’s still such a thing as basic manners. So, unless you’re expecting an imminent urgent call or have a babysitter at home, put your phone away. In your pocket. On silent. Available for any and all bathroom breaks. And while we’re on the topic of manners, maybe offer to split the bill towards the end of your date if things go well. Maybe buy your date a drink or pull their chair out for them or compliment their outfit. Gender is irrelevant here. Manners are universal and everyone enjoys being pampered.

4. Be Ready to Quiz

Conversation with new people isn’t easy at the best of times, let alone on a first date. One of the easiest ways to get one going, however, is to ask interesting and involved questions. Listen to what your date has to say. Get to know them. Do they have pets? Do they like to travel? What’s their favorite thing to do on weekends? Basic stuff. Then, once you know a little, you can ask about more specific kinds of things. Best not to go too personal too soon, however. Leave past relationships and complicated family situations at the door, at least for now.

There’s no magic recipe for a perfect first date. You can put in as much effort and charisma as you like – at the end of the day, it’s always going to take two to tango. Still, the above can certainly help! Fingers crossed that they like you as much as you like them and all will be swell.

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