Guide to Honeymoon Packing !



The most awaited trip of life that every girl has planned for, ever since she knew the meaning of this beautiful part of a new wedlock! You might have planned to wear the most groovy of clothes that you wouldn’t have put on as yet! Or to shed those extra kilos and get into perfect shape to flaunt the best of lingerie. To visit the most exotic locations and shop your heart out for this trip! But most of us end up swarming our luggage bag while packing for honeymoon with everything, just because we are excited as hell. There’s a limit to the luggage quantity when you are travelling overseas and you ought to keep a check on that! Also you need to keep some space for whatever you will buy back from there! Take care of these simple guidelines, to pack like a pro!

Pack essentials first: Pack what is important first. And that too in supervised quantity! Like a basic pair of denim and a colored trouser for change, or just two-three jean pants. Some tops and t-shirts. Everyday lingerie along with a shaper. Towels, robes etc are usually available in all good hotels, just take your comb and toothbrush and save space for other things.

Pack your specials: Pack a special gown, a little black dress for dinner dates. Also pack the exquisite lingerie that you specially bought. Take maximum 3 pair of footwear including one for daily use!

Pack your make up: You need to pack your make-up stuff in a small bag that includes all your basic make up along with brushes, make up remover and oils. Pack jewelry. Jewelry generally doesn’t occupy much space and doesn’t make up for much weight. Take a small pouch or bag for the same instead of the old vintage box. Try to carry fashionable jewelry and things that are not precious.

Pack medical amenities: The most important but often overlooked. Please do not forget to pack a basic first aid kit and all the medicines that you are currently using. Also carry tampons and sanitary pads(whatever you use) for the unexpected call. Obviously carry packs of protection with you! Some normal medicines relating to jet lag, headache, vomiting and fever should also be carried with you!

Pack for him: Do not forget to pack some things for him( though it’s any way going to be a life size treat for him already!). Pack a pair of quirky boxers, a good perfume and a special gift that you would want to surprise him with.

P.S : Take your to do list and all the travel related documents handy!



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