5 Things men need to know while pleasuring a woman

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Sex has been a taboo for centuries. However, the modern Indian woman has become more vocal and demanding in terms of how we want our man to please us too! Come on, We weren’t just born to gratify you! Sex if fun. However, if it only amounts to the sole satisfaction of the man, things can get pretty frustrating. It bugs us when you jerk off even before we are wet! Guys, we aren’t accusing you of being selfish always. We understand that you might have a bucket of fantasies that you would like to experiment and we are not blaming, but these are just a few things we want you to take note of the next time we make love, a Guide to pleasure.



Surely and certainly, please kiss us more often. It gets us more connected. Nothing can get the passion one notch up than an intense kiss. You would definitely want us to get all naturally lubricated than struggling to penetrate (Isn’t natural better?) Arouse our whole body, lick and kiss every inch us, and not just the vagina.



A Guide to pleasuring women

Just like blowjobs drive you crazy, we heart orals too! Devour us down there, but mind your teeth and nails. It hurts when you do things in haste. Men mistakenly spend more time licking the ‘spot of entry’ in the hope of getting us all flamed up. Women love it but stimulating the clitoris feels even better. Rub it, lick it and suck it. The longer the better!


Hardcore sex:

Blame Mr. Grey for luring us into this. We understand you care about us and do not want to mishandle us. A little roughed up sex does no harm. At times, we want our hair pulled up, get spanked, bear marks of your bites and even get mildly suffocated. Take note, we do not want to get closer to death. Just let the heat metre heighten a little. Women fear being misunderstood and treated differently outside the bedroom. Nonetheless, a lot of us go gaga over raunchy sex!


The Afterplay:

A Guide to pleasuring women

Don’t just rush to the bathroom or ask us to leave after you are done! Even worst, men just doze off. Please cuddle, kiss and speak to us after the play. We do not perform the sole task of providing you with a hole to jerk off! Spend some time with us. It helps us feel closer to you. Repeating the entire act again is like a cherry on the cake.


Be open to change:

I do not speak for everyone but a lot of us will agree that women are fickle. We change our moods every now and then. Blame our hormones! At times we aren’t into the mood for diving into a heated sexy atmosphere. Just feeling the warmth of your body is enough to satisfy us. That coziness is heavenly combined with our favourite playlist. We might have different needs at different points of time. be receptive. Observe our body language. Keep the spark alive.



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