Guidelines to having an open relationship

Guidelines to having an open relationship

For all the free birds who crave independence, space and freedom – here are the guidelines you must follow before entering into an open relationship.

Get the Concept Clear:


What is an Open Relationship?

The concept of an open relationship is being with one or more people while having sexual interactions with other individuals, that is, a relationship without the restrictions of commitment. You guys are not exclusive to one another and having sexual relationships with other men or women is not considered cheating. So be careful before you declare your relationship an open one.


No Room For Jealousy

You have to keep your jealousy issues aside. It’s human nature to envy the other people your partner goes out with. But since you have signed up for a commitment-free relationship, you have got to deal with it.

So be prepared to be a little jealous!


Be Honest

Guidelines to having an open relationship

One must be honest with everyone involved regarding the relationship they share. You must be up-front about what you want and what you don’t from your partner. Be honest about the number of sexual interactions you have with other individuals apart from him. If the other individuals are flings, you need not worry about informing them. But if you have a list of a few – the offer must be placed on the table for them with all the terms and conditions mentioned.


Don’t Cross the Line

Keep a limit – set your own boundaries. You should always be selective with the people you choose to go to bed with. Since there is no commitment holding you back, you must try and hold your own self back. Keep a few men/women and casual flings going – but don’t go overboard and lose your way.


Stay Healthy

Use protection even if you are under birth-control pills – for hygiene is a factor every woman must keep in mind. Go for regular check-ups to the doctor. Keep clean and stay healthy. [Read: Birth Control Methods]


Don’t Fall in Love

Guidelines to having an open relationship

Of course. Falling in love would mean demanding commitment, and what if the other person enjoys what you share at the moment more than what you offer to him now?

Being in an open relationship is like walking on a high-wire, one wrong move, and you fall. Therefore, one must consider all the factors before getting into one.


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