Gum ailments – Top 10 homemade remedies

Are you suffering from the chronic gum aching? Is your gum loosing away blood every time you brush? Then you too are affected by the gum related problems. But there are also other problems related with the gum and can be treated with some homemade remedies.

Here are some grandmother secrets to treating your gum at home

Application of tea tree oil

It is an essential oil nature provides us with, it helps with hair problems, infections and even Gum related problems. Tea tree oil is induced with different medicinal properties like antiseptic and antibiotic which helps in getting rid of any cavity also the anti-inflammatory ingredient present in the tea tree oil soothes the gum leaving it irritation free. If you are suffering from irritated and inflated gums then it is advised to look for toothpaste with tea tree oil in it.

Bay salt or Sea salt

It is often found that salt is regarded as the best all round treatment for the teeth and gums, it prevents infection, cavity and pains. Just replacing your toothpaste with sea salt can harvest wonderful results for your teeth and gums. It can also be used as mouthwash by mixing the bay salt with lukewarm water and cleansing the mouth regularly after intake of meals. There are also toothpaste with salts available in the market which you can use other than your normal one.

Application of Aloe Vera

This plant gel is not only good for the skin but also effective for a gum problems like, bad mouth odor, infection and mouth ulcers. Aloe Vera can be used in all ways of applying, drinking and eating. You can use any of the form of application of Aloe Vera, like, applying the gel overnight, using it as a mouth wash or a tonic.

Baking soda

It is another popular ingredient for the treatment of gum related problems, mixing baking soda with the toothpaste and using in everyday can prevent the chances of tooth decay and other bacterial formation. Also there are ample of baking soda infused toothpaste available in the market which you can opt for.

Tea bags

Who knew tea bags could be an essential treatment for gum related problems? Inducing tea bags in the warm water for ten minutes and then applying the tea bag (when cool) in the gum areas can help in the reduction of pain and inflammation. Just drinking tea won’t work the same way a tea bag would work.


Honey contains a great source of antiseptic. If you are suffering from gum infections then applying honey overnight can reduce such problem giving an overall relief to you gums and teeth.

Application of Cranberry juice

You might be thinking how a juice can reduce gum infections? But cranberry has vitamin-C properties which helps the bacteria from affecting the gums. Drinking cranberry juice (unsweetened) can help in developing the vitamin-c properties in the body leaving it free from periodontal diseases. Vitamin-c infused fruits and vegetables are highly recommended to get rid of gum infections.

Coconut oil

Coconut has abundance of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory contents in it, regular usage of coconut oil can provide amazing results for your gums.

Lemon juice

Like cranberry juice even lemon juice is infused with Vitamin-C in it, if you are suffering from gum infections then application of regular lemon juice mixed with sea salt in your gums will yield healthy results.

Chamomile Tea

The preparation of this tea is simple mixing the chamomile flower in the warm water for about 10 minutes and then using it as a mouthwash with the strained water from the chamomile flower can help in obtaining relief from persistent gum problems.

Often it is advised by the dentist that food habits are the source of gum problems and keeping a check in the same is important. These above remedies will only work if followed regularly and at the same time by doing the 3 step routine of brushing, flossing and mouth washing twice daily at least before going to bed.

So, if you too are suffering from regular gum infections, inflammation and pains then here are some easy homemade remedies to follow.

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